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  1. I be gone for a bit or few days and I see now so new news updates. Teaser is very good! I like action and strong ksh! I feel joyful and anticipate more and more. Ksh is beautiful in every photo and in teaser. My favorite photo they are wonder and great
  2. tea spill, some people no tell difference between drama and real life. KSH is only actor. People need to think right and logic
  3. TY for info. I wish I could see play. Long wait welcome Haters everywhere. No surprise.
  4. So how could we join guest house and try food by psj? I want 2 be guest 2. And eat. Better if he could be personal chef. I promise 2 give good tips My wish is he play chef in historical drama. He is good at fighting. He can be chef in day time and be a warrior at night. Fun I think
  5. Has him official choose his drama? Link or mr. Hong? It has be long wait? Waiting 2 long
  6. read and make me sad. I want our girl to be happy more and more and not less for brand new year happy new year ksh look same like twin sisters I want 2 I am vampire lol
  7. nothing wrong u are saying, all full truths. February that make me happy. Good news I have much joy I love Mulan. I see Mulan of in her!
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