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  1. LCA is perfect as Jamie in all her cool-headedness, professionalism, fighting, cuteness and vulnerability (I feel for her in that prison scene when she asked JW if she was the one who made it happened; she was on the verge of tears and disbelief, but all that emotion was restrained, very much in line with Jamie’s character traits). I started this drama because I like NGM, but now, the one reason I continue watching after such disappointment last night is because I love Jamie, and that’s partly thanks to LCA’s acting.
  2. Ironically, while the show doesn’t mean hook JW up with Jamie, to a large part of viewers their mutual attraction is undeniable. Whereas, the intended JW- HW love line is like “ urgh where does it come from ?” I personally cannot feel or see it at all from ep 1 - 6. Am I supposed to believe in it now just because I’m told so ? Even in the image above in Rocher22 post (sorry I don’t know how to quote the image again here), with the 3 of them in the closet, I can’t help seeing the magnetic dynamics between JW and Jamie. HW in the middle does look like an afterthought addition, she doesn’t b
  3. @RobinM @raziela I too don’t think JW and Jamie are siblings. Especially JW still remembers their past. He would not act and talk the way he does with her if she is his sister. So far he’s been like “finally I found my long lost friend; we used to be close, but she doesn’t remember a bit, treats me like a stranger, calls me a monster (unknowingly to her of course), suspects me; it hurts but I can’t help but care for her, but then i must not let her know that i care for her”. I mean he took such huge trouble to get her undergo the surgery, when all he could do instead was to tell her the brain
  4. I think Jamie is a logical and rational person. She is seeing facts and analyzing them, which led her to suspect JW as early as she joined the team. Since then everything JW did only to reinforce that (and I think that’s it his intention to let everyone think so). As an adult Jamie has just known JW for a few weeks, he’s like a stranger to her. Not like the rest of the team, to whom JW has been their easy going captain for a few years. Therefore it’s understandable to me that Jamie’s reaction to current situation is looking cold compared to the others. HW is in denial because she’s had a chanc
  5. Hi everyone, This drama is getting more riveting each episode and deserves higher ratings. NGM as DJW and LCA as JM have been so captivating. I hope they get much more well-deserved recognition after this. I’m loving the chemistry between them, be it romance or not. The scene where little JW and JM hugged is unexpectedly warm and makes me long so much for one and more from their adult versions. It need not be man-woman love (although more than welcomed if that is the case), just as friends who understand, trust, and comfort each other. Please Writer- nim, at least give us that.
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