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  1. *Excited* Is it true, our dragon will be in a period drama "It's raining days" ?!? co-starring with Liu Shishi ? Is this confirmed? Is it to be filmed this year , released next year? I can't get enough of our dragon, he has too few dramas and movies. I am so fangirl greedy
  2. @hush puppy I absolutely agree with you. Song Wei Long is an excellent actor. He was well casted and so were both Steven and Seven. What I love about Song Wei Long is his subtlety in his acting. Out of all the roles, this was the most difficult to portray because Ling Xiao is an introvert with layers upon layers of guilt, family trauma, motherless upbringing, quiet character and good temperament. He more than delivered this role. He made us invested in him, feel like he does, emphatise with him and root for him. He conveyed it in his subtle actions, his eyes, the tone of his words, the turn of
  3. @hush puppy My personal opinion is I love all SWL hairstyles, I don't have a particular favourite because each look has it's beauty. The only one I think does not suit him very well is the Armani short fringe. I just feel SWL is naturally attractive with his strong chiselled features and his To die for-eyes that can kill anyone like Medusa I don't think he is known for his killer looks for nothing. * Disclaimer Fangirl Bias here * @iamlegend Good Question on his bosses. I am also eager to know what you guys think if he leave his Boss. Is there a way without hurting his rep
  4. Me too @iamlegend! Both songs are on repeat since New Year! I cannot get enough of it. Even my household is getting sick listening to it. I feel the same way, after watching some of his past singing performances, this was most impressive. You can definitely see some improvement. In fact my friends and family who hardly know him , think he is a singer too which makes me feel so proud of him. One can tell he had put in the effort, which is marvelous as this New Year event with it's massive audience can definitely put you on the map! Needless to say I am over the moon that he is being recogn
  5. First of all, Thank you for @hush puppy for the warm welcome. Sorry that my reply has been late. For some reason all the features of soompi forum are only friendly on my laptop. That is why I have not been lurking here as frequently as I would like. I got to know Song Wei Long through watching Go Ahead. I have been an avid Korean drama fan for decades. And you can say, Go Ahead is my first C-drama! Needless to say, I was blown away by the talented cast, excellent performances, script, story, crew, ost, direction and of course the brilliant Song Wei Long. I
  6. Hi Everyone I am new here and a big fan of SWL. Song Wei Long needs your support. Please vote for him. I believe you get 5 votes. http://m.so.com/mhtml/zt/hotlist.html#vid=12;id=false
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