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  1. Just because they interacted or as an MC if he praises women on a variety show doesn’t mean he is flirting /has a crush on them? Not saying it as a yoongi wisher. But variety shows works like that and as an MC it’s his job to do so. Do you really think oppa is that kind of person to have a crush on someone who was already in a relationship? No he is not. He is always been mature about relationships.
  2. I get it now, why you are fixated to this it’s because of her hair kekekkekekke . Some Vietnam saju reader told he is dating that hair color girl hahahha . Ok they are dating ,happy now. you believe that and ppl in this thread will hope for yoongi till one of them comes out and says they are in a relationship.
  3. Is this a competition or what ? Doesn’t all shippers think and support their ship like this ? They might’ve moved on and the songs also doesn’t mean anything but for shippers these small things are clues and the hope for them to get together? As I said before all I want is oppa to be happy. If he moved on well and good, thats his life. If he loved someone then yoona is completely out of his head and heart. It’s his nature to give 100% in anything he does. Them getting back together is our hope thats it, it’s not like we can dig into their hearts and see what’s happening?
  4. Lee young ae is known to be the most beautiful woman in kIndustry. And she is a senior to them. if that’s the reason, when shooting for busted he said PMY is very beautiful too is that means he brokeup with his current GF. Lets be practical in thinking. Someone saw him with a woman ,it must be anyone (frnd, sister, or a GF) so till he comes out and tells he loves someone else ,I will have this tiny hope in this couple. But thank you sending his palm to that reader which confirms that how precious is that special person in his life (who ever it is) .
  5. How do you know about all these ? Did you see them together? how do you know he will get married after may?
  6. I feel heart broken but thats ok as long as oppa is happy. Is it someone from the industry and his friends circle?
  7. https://youtu.be/DHUtKGPGyQM Came across this Leeseunggi palm reading in youtube. He says Seunggi oppa has or will fall in love with someone who changed his life and oppa is going to be very true to this person. We all know how sincere he is when it to comes to love.
  8. He said his love is not that lyrical and reality won’t be like that.
  9. Silent reader of this forum but never wrote anything as i lost hopes on them long time ago. But the way i am finding the similarities in their MV’s gave me 1% hope. This is another thing i found . Did you see their arearugs at their home. They both are same. Not saying they are at the same place as he remodeled his house recently but they have similar tastes. https://www.instagram.com/p/B7uUS6antWB/?igshid=l4orn01xpo1o
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