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  1. So, I happen to have this forum parked on my browser for a long time and glad to visit it to read your posting. After it finished on March 15, I basically replayed my favorite episodes and now reading the novel! The initial resistance over older actors may be a moot point here where the caliber of acting surpassed everyone's expectations. I loved the fact that the quality in cinematography, cgi, storytelling, design, music are all top notch. Moreover, the fighting scenes are so visceral and haunting. Just like you and many of us, we fell for Xiao Qi right away. I'm now a big fan of Zhou Yiw
  2. Blooming Blossoms, Good for you, girl! I showed my iPhone wallpaper with Xiao Qi swordplay's awesomeness and those soulful eyes to my husband. He really tolerates me with my fangirling Zhou YiWei. He looked at me bemused and could not say anything else. LoL! I'm not like you guys, I can't watch a series without the English subs. I would patiently wait. Is it just me, the angst and anxiety level in these ensuing episodes are just too much. In the meantime while waiting for Eng. subs., I'm watching Shaolin Nirvana (The Great Shaolin) Starring Zhou Yiwei. It is so bewildering to see him
  3. What an angle to study these characters. Aside from other useless characters, the prime minister is also an enigma. I admire and look down upon him at the same time. I mean, he really believes that he is capable more than anyone else to rule that's why he wants to seize the throne from his utterly manipulable nephew. From the onset, he knows the value of Xiao Qi, in spite of his humble beginning but recognizes his talents. As Xiao Qi would say, "it is not me that they want, it is my military power." But Xiao Qi, your military power is synonymous with you, like it or not. I do not think that
  4. I so enjoy reading your posts. And so other posts. I completely agree with you that the reason I fell in love with this drama is the amazing cinematography and how it relates to the mood of each episode. The grassland excursion, XQ, and WX's first date was a site to see and as an audience, I felt I was being taken along into the journey of how they fell in love with each other. The fight scenes are just out of this world. We are so used to acrobatic and high-flying wire-fu that we see constantly in Chinese historical drama. Xiao Qi's fight scenes are matchless! I rewatched the fight choreo
  5. What a great insight. An all-saint Xiao Qi is boring and one dimensional than a more complex, flawed, human Xiao Qi. We could say that it was human nature to hold out the truth about his intention to force an infertility rather than lose Awu's life. How dared he have a double standard when it came to honesty and corruption? But because of what he and General had been through, it made it plausible. And we accepted this justice blindness.
  6. You are right. This is too much to bear. The angst is killing me although I know this is just a freakin' drama and that I should not it seriously. But, I have halted watching episodes many times before because I just could not stomach the ensuing drama and oftentimes the stupidity of plot lines hurled at our couple. I should have been caught up to the most recent release, but darn, I decided to stop at episode 39 and give it a rest. I would rather go back and review the past episodes to prepare me for the nail-biting worry of watching the endless and mindless saga that our protagonists have
  7. You are not alone. Here I am in episode 22 and I'm completely enamored of him:-) I love the way you described Xiao Qi's martial moves as "ballerina dance." That cliffhanger was and gravity defying. Being a martial artist myself, I'm just floored at the fight choreography in this drama; the sweeps, jumps, jabs are realistic, raw, fatal, and epic!
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