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  1. No lie, I too cringed at the English-speaking parts, lol. XRR can be irritating, but her character's lovable personality makes up for her naivety when it comes to trusting others too easily. I really hope the scriptwriter doesn't mess up her character going forward, I like her spunkiness. One thing that was confusing/unrealistic for me was how MZ and XRR was already kissing and what not, and yet he was still waiting for her to agree to be his "girlfriend," and XRR not making up her mind if he really likes her or not. No qualms about it, Lu Yi and his Shao Ming Zhe character is carrying th
  2. I love how honest they are to each other, minus the Su Mo part. To be fair, he really was going to let her know, but he received bad advice from Ran Ran's BFF.
  3. I was surprised by how much I'm enjoying this drama. Pacing is nice, with a mixture of seriousness and silliness and a really cute relationship between the 2 leads. I find myself looking forward to episodes being released daily. This is a light hearted romantic comedy that is quite entertaining.
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