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  1. Thanks for keeping this forum alive. Yejin has lots of fans but they are more active on twitter, IG, and facebook. Glad to see that someone still maintains her page in soompi and post the latest news about her. Wieee. I'm so excited cause Yejin is going back to work next month. Waaahhhh.
  2. I don't think he is someone who will use statement cap to reveal anything about his personal life. Well, most girls do that but boys specially him, I don't think so. Regarding his answer about love on his GQ interview I think he answered it in a mature way, love is not all about butterflies in your stomach, it takes hardwork to keep and protect it. If Yejin will be ask the same question I'm sure she'll give the same answer. Don't overthink and give meaning to everything you'll really get paranoid when you do that, just always include them in your prayers. He was wearing a sta
  3. Hello everyone. Thank you for posting all of the Yejin updates in here. Let's continue loving and supporting unnie.
  4. I don't think she's pregnant. She had a schedule last Jan. 12 on MSteam's calendar. I think that's for the Smart joint CF with Bin.
  5. I wonder why a lot of binjin shippers are waiting for HB's letter after they admitted that they are a couple. Based on my observation and from what I've read on different sites, SK actors only release letter if they are already going to announce their marriage. Kpop idols (singers) are the ones who usually release letter after a dating news to apologize to their fans because most of them are scared to loose their popularity.
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