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  1. Honestly I have my hopes up that his character is gonna be more than that. Honestly though...he is a little too innocent to be true
  2. I know there are comments that states that they wonder why it is not on OCN’s care. I agree haha but I feel like they are giving us this scenes not only because they wanted to attract ships but at the same time to ease off the tension. Honestly at this point, I’m not chasing after any ships, I’m like...I want to know more about JW
  3. I really wish we can explore more of Jung Woo’s history as soon as possible I’m fascinated by him. My flames are for him @Dev11O there is, it’s on Spotify I think edit:
  4. Hi all, I’m very new here, I would like to chime in to the conversation. Hope you don’t mind ... The mirror scene, really indicates that he is hurt by what Jamie had said. One thing I picked up though, is that his eyes changed the minute he looked at the mirror. Something about his iris changing...Jamie’s words have definitely triggered him and something inside as well, his clenched fist also tells me that it’s the thing inside that is very very angry. If he is upset by what Jamie said, he wouldn’t have that kind of actions now is it? Just what I think, do give me your two cents as well
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