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  1. HOw can a psychotic character like HARA walk around without getting caught? This is seriously disturbing. SHe pushed EJ into the pool and tried to hold her down and nobody stopped her? So she can literally attempt murder in front of ppl and no one does anything. Crazy. I don't understand how EJ can keep her cool and not bash HR face in after so many episodes.
  2. This show is ridiculous. The main lead has been nearly killed a bunch of times by Hara. Assaulted, slapped, strangled, pushed into a pool, had water splashed on her. And what has she done to Hara? Nothing but 2 slaps! She needs to grow a pain and kick her butt! Honestly I would have killed HR by now, she is psycho! Its unrealistic how everyone is afraid of her and lets her get away. EJ is weak and playing with her revenge. She is so easy to defeat.
  3. If JDT is out of prison then I won't watch season 3 . The evil always getting away is annoying.
  4. That old man that planted the bomb was NOT JDT. I can tell by looking at the eyes. I'm sure JDT used some strings and used that old man to plant the bomb. But he is not out of prison. Im not understanding the logic of Jenny and MH. They are blaming Rona for YH killing MSH how does that make sense? And does that excuse their behavior when they bullied MSH? They havent learned a thing I see. I expected more from Jenny not MH. And I think EB should suffer more , she tried to kill RN and is getting off free. Well her mind is being tortured and she lost both parents to prison I guess tha
  5. SO YH never jumped off the bridge she went voluntarily to the police. But why did she dissapear so fast they made it seemed like she jumped lol
  6. They wouldn't need another season if they'd just end it now. Everything had fallen back into place....why another season one episode per week???
  7. So big bad JDT is suffering now...I'm loving it! SJ gets arrested. Its about time.Will she get off though? YH kill herself. If she is not dead I bet she will lose her memories. Typical Kdrama trope. WHy WB hasn't been punished for attempted murder yet?
  8. I'm surprised this is a SBS drama and not on cable like TVN. This is a violent drama I hated the scene with JDT whipping SJ and stabbing RN in the head. Did we really need to see all that? I use to love this drama but it has now become a bit too over the top.
  9. SO Su Ryeon tatoo is fake. It can easily be smeared off by JDT and her wig can be snatched off, why hasn't he done any of this yet? He is already suspecting her. I hate JDT and his teeth and sly grin. I want to punch him whenever I see his face. And dump him into the Sea of Japan!
  10. Yes JDT is sickening to watch. What kind of message is this sending to the audience? You can commit crimes and keep getting away if you're wealthy.
  11. How can ROna survive a throat slash, head stab, and fall? Its a bit overkill . I can't with this show anymore LOL
  12. Yes the bullying cycle never ends. ALthough I hate EB and loved seeing her annoying face get slapped lol Its very hypocritical of the kids to bully EB over Rona death. They hated Rona when she was alive and always harrassed her. Now that she's gone you now care about her. Get the heck outta here with that.
  13. Why is JDT so untouchable ? He gets away with everything. No one in real life is that invincible. He also has a punchable face. He always has his mouth open . He needs his jaw broken lol. Honestly he has no depth and is one dimensionally evil. At least the other characters are multi faceted.
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