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  1. I'm excited to hear that it's confirmed. If they shoot next month, they need to hurry and get the rest of the cast together. Can't wait to see who the female lead will be. PHS tends to have chemistry with his female leads, but I hope it will be one who can carry the whole. I'd love for it to be IU. The two of them are my all time favorite and that would be awesome. She hasn't had a drama since 2019 too, so it will be good timing. I'm hesitant that he is doing a historical drama as his comeback drama though, especially with the writer. Everywhere I look people seem to not like her much. She did
  2. Park Hyung Sik In Talks For Historical Drama As First Project Following Military Discharge https://www.soompi.com/article/1459963wpp/park-hyung-sik-in-talks-for-historical-drama-as-first-project-following-military-discharge Park Hyung Sik may be returning to the small screen with a riveting historical drama! On March 19, an industry representative reported, “Park Hyung Sik will be making a comeback to the small screen with ‘The Golden Hairpin’ (working title), tvN’s most-anticipated project for the second half of the year.” In response, a source from the actor
  3. Me Too! There were so many perfections with that drama. We got to see a great side of Siwan's acting too. Going to miss watching them every week.
  4. Siwan is confirmed to participate in House On Wheels Season 2. Source: http://www.breaknews.com/784418 http://www.breaknews.com/imgdata/breaknews_com/202102/2021020448271753.jpg Google Translated: tvN'House with Wheels' (directed by Ganggung) is a reality program where you ride a house with wheels and stay in a quiet place and invite important people to live the day. Season 1, which was first introduced in June of last year, received a lot of love from viewers by conveying satisfaction and hope by proxy during difficult times of getting out of the house.
  5. That would be really cool if he can come back to us with a project come this August. This would be his 2nd sageuk, if I'm tracking, and while I loved Hwarang can't wait for him to lead one.
  6. Long time fan, new to the forum. So excited that he will be done with military service soon. Hope he gets plenty of rest before he start to work on new projects again. Can't wait!
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