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  1. Thank you Awaken Team! Not a perfect drama but few things I enjoyed and commend. - Nam Goong Min’s acting! The best of the male actors today. - Lee Chung Ah. Charisma overload. I still believe she deserved more than what was portrayed of her. - Not the best pacing but story is really nice. Thank you for all the discussions we had chingus!
  2. Jae Woong switching like that and after killing a lot of people, still ended up forgiven with just a slap in the wrist. The writing is really misplaced for me. Hopefully the ending will not be as tragic as I predict.
  3. Thanks still. I am also just listening to the key words since my korean is not that comprehensive. It violated me that Jamie isn’t even in the preview of tomorrow’s episode. It’s like they let this poor plot twist get revealed and she’s now out of camera contention. I think they will let her character focus now more on Jae Woong since honestly, she has more connection to him than anyone else in the drama and he’s still a villain up to this point. I will just continue skipping scenes like I used to do ever since I got annoyed at this drama’s pacing.
  4. Was really excited for this episode since ep 12 ended but this one really disappointed me a lot. How the hell did the writer came up with a poor character development of Jamie? Good for Han Ye Seul for dropping this drama! I have nothing more to say coz I’m so annoyed. Btw, do you know what Jae Woong was doing after the altercation? He was almost teary eyed speaking to his hyung about Jamie and Jung Woo.
  5. Well, the scene where Jamie is about to fall, Jae Woong asked Jung Woo “Are you going to let your sister die?” This episode f** me up into bits. I’ll wait for the subs to make sure I understood it correctly.
  6. Thanks for the recap. Sadly this drama has very little following and audience seems to dwindle more every episode. Forums, even twitter andd IG are silent. I am also finding myself skipping some scenes esp. Hye Won's. Just want to thank everyone who's still hanging on despite the drama's lapses.
  7. So Jamie finally realized the third child’s identity and bad Jae Woong said that good Jae Woong will not go out again because they need to rush what they’re doing. Jae Woong is just after all White Night Foundation people. He doesn’t care about anything else. Jae Woong is mad at Jung Woo for taking Jamie and leaving him alone. Jae Woong is enemy of both the foundation and Jung Woo. If that’s the case, he can still have a slim chance for a change of heart. Anyway, the urge is to kill the people who experimented and abandoned him. But I don’t think that he will survive in the end. He will defini
  8. My issue is why Jamie and Jae Woong keeps on swapping memories of their childhood. Surely, they have the most connection mentally for this to happen. Jung Woo doesn’t have that with Jae Woong while Jamie finds herself unusually, almost instinctively drawn to Jae Woong. If Jae Woong caused the White Night disaster, why did he think he was abandoned by the 2? He obviously thinks he is the victim here. In ep 10 , it was again Jamie who is standing across Jung Woo and Jae Woong. I think there’s still more to it than the drama already revealed. The key is to unlocking Jamie’s memory becau
  9. This is the kind of relationship triangle you will not want. Bad Jae Woong seems to be after Jamie after all. That’s why Jung Woo desperately wants Jamie back to the US and would not tell her the truth coz she will just stick her nose more and stay to help in the case. That’s what Jung Woo meant when he said he saved her twice already. I wonder how Hye Won’s character will still be of value this time. Maybe for romantic references only lol.
  10. This drama is not going to have a happy ending for everyone. Jae Woong, my ever sweet and abused babe will have to get killed one way or another. Who would want to survive after knowing all that killings? My heart already took a beating when they pushed Hye Won to Jung Woo then found some beam of hope for Jamie befriending Jae Woong only to be broken again because he is a total psycho. Tissues.
  11. Watched it with subs. Based on the pacing of the scenes, seems like it was Jae Woong who are sending the videos to the journalist. Not sure if he did it willingly or with direction from his hyung. It’s also implied that Jae Woong has an evil personality that can be summoned by the drug his hyung forces him to drink. I so pity him at this point and wishes Jamie can save him at the end. The guys needs to know happiness before he dies at least. The evil personality also wants Jamie dead because Jae Woong is fond of her. As for the White Night foundation, one of the bosses is connected t
  12. This is why I stopped following kpop and just occasionally checks on artists, mostly solos. The level of toxicity of some fans is out of this world. No wonder we recently hear too many idols committing suicide. Btw, I watched ep 8 raw. So Moon Jae Woong is both abused and feared by his keeper who happens to drug him from time to time. It seemed to me that he has an alter ego? I’m almost sure he was the person standing behind the glass wall but I can’t understand what their conversation is. Based on key korean words, they were talking about Jamie. At some point I almost thought Moon J
  13. Thanks for the recap. It is the first drama I have eagerly been following but resorted to skipping unnecessary scenes between Jung Woo and Hye Won. Sorry to say, that character is really not fitting the box. It is more of an annoyance. I am fine with Jung Woo and Jamie not having a love line, just the exchange of smart lines is enough to hook me up. They can stare at each other for mere seconds and it already creates a tension in a good way. Btw, do you know what Moon Jae Woong was saying while checking Jamie’s facebook? Seems like he was very interested in her already that he att
  14. I actually like Jamie’s character the best because aside from Jung Woo, she’s the only one who is making sense of her actions. She decides based on facts and not on feelings which has always been the portrayal of a typical Korean heroine. Let’s just wait if this demeanor will change once she remembers everything which I bet will. Hye Won on the other hand, a police officer, acts like she’s not.
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