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  1. @Gisell Gisell hahaha it's okay, you won't disturb me of course. I'm happy if i can help you.. thank you guyss you guys should come to Park's Office too. Turns out it's not as hard as I thought. Eventhough i still don't understand what should i do to raise my level there. lol.. 2017 - of course i vote pict no 1 (according my profile picture, one of my favorite pict of him) 2018 - i vote pict no 1 2019 - i vote pict no 1 2020 - i vote pict no 5 @Chestnut88hii welcomee
  2. @Anjalifairy i've tried once to join using my kakao talk account. and then, they ask me to verification my celular number. there are only some local providers to choose. so i'm stuck and give up easily. lol.. and yeah, i just ordered W Korea. i choose cover A..
  3. @Anjalifairy count me in, please I really want to be part of this project too @Gisell Gisellits ep 263 (2015) if i'm not mistaken
  4. i just realized this look at his arm he must have been very cold at that time. he always works hard for us. he's the best of the best!
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