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  1. @AsveriaPSJ ahh, in episode 4 at minute 39'? I can't find that part in youtube.. Seo Jin said that finally Seo Joon was recognized by Chef Youn on that day...
  2. Happy new year everyone Always healthy and success for all that will be done. Hope uri Seo Joon keep shine and even more in this year. Stay safe guyss!
  3. Hi @Anjalifairy thank you so much i know this forum because of you and also thank you for always translating everything about Seo Joon. I do really appreciate for your hard work because it's really hard to find full videos, interview or articles with English sub. Sometimes, i watch him without knowing what it is all about. I laugh when he laugh, eventhough i dont understand why. LOL.. Just looking at his handsome face makes me happy..
  4. I like Fight For My Way. But i also like his acting in WWWSK. Then Youn's Kitchen 2 made me love him even more. Ah, its so hard to choose just one to be my favorite.. (sorry for my bad english..) soo truuuee!
  5. Hello everyone I am new in the PSJ's world. I have started watching his drama since pandemic around March - April. I have been watching almost all his dramas, movies and reality shows (except Dream High 2, Shut Up Family, One Warm Word). I still watch it over and over again. I dont know why i feel never get bored watch all his dramas and all about him. LOL..
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