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  1. This! Like what you said, they still not ready to confirm their relationship. If they will keep it forever, then go! What happened to this thread? Hope you guys, don't pass the negative among their relationship. Thanks! Xoxo
  2. It was posted by Ldw's fan account, and I believe Lee Yeon is the most famous among Dong-wook fans. Since he was the main character of the drama and it was just recently released, many people are still in love with him. Before (not ldw's fan account), I saw someone share a photo of Lee Yeon and Grim Reaper. Most people choose both, and many people choose grim reaper. I believe that many people still prefer grim reaper or maybe both. To be honest, I prefer grim reaper he deserves more love and appreciation. I choose Grim-reaper not because of the pichi couple, but because of the drama (goblin)
  3. I was going to come here just to say that, but you came before me, hahaha. Is this a coincidence or not? I was hoping for a resounding NO. Aaaaa I believe they are really in love with each other. So many things that they both like. Btw I forgot what ep is it can someone tell me?
  4. Really? That was a lovely dream. And it happened here in the Philippines, where I also live. Hopefully, they will have a magazine cover soon, or even as hosts or guests on a Korean Variety Show. Still hoping. Let's find some more clues, Pichi fans; I'm not sure you got everything, but there could be a few more.
  5. The Video : https://www.instagram.com/p/B8Q0oijJW8-/?igshid=1uoglff3yfkv6 Yeah, let us keep fighting. If my age was already 25 yrs old, and they still haven't saying their relationship I'm the one who will confirm about it LOL LOL LOL why i'm just a teenager today I badly want to see them so bad jkkzkskakzj
  6. YES Awwww, same I really miss them so bad. I wish we get any clue again.
  7. Another same thing again credits to @KwonJongRok in twitter I'm also finding any same match thingy on them, but still haven't see anything. It's really hard because they don't use to post selca too much in social media. But I saw something, I don't know if it's real or just only my delusional...please, let me know if it's really just a delusional. Don't be shy, you will not ruin my expectations lol, I just don't want to feel I don't know anything about them hahaha, Anyways, here. ↓ I think wookie really love to wear a pink hat, then I saw InNa pictures...When she w
  8. I believe that too! You guys don't realize it, then why? Lol first of all, they're both single in social media and with many people eyes, but I feel they're secretly dating hehe. Second, they are in age to date. It's really impossible that they are not dating. And you guys believe that they're not dating? It has been years, It's impossible that they not fall inlove. Remember they met many people with these years. Maybe they just saying that they aren't dating because their focused, today, is acting. They love their work. Also they said they both planning to marry someone. There's many possibil
  9. Hi guys! Lee Dong-wook will be addressing some of your concerns about life and love! Head to ellekorea ig story. Check it now and try to ask a question!!! It's already 15hrs you need guys to check it!
  10. here's the other q&a Q: There have been a lot of fantasy proposals since'Goblin', but you said you didn't accept a single work. 'Gumihodian' was really a fantasy out of fantasy, but was there a clear attraction to the decision to appear? ▲ Four years have passed since the end of'Goblin'. I wondered if I could do it now, rather than what happened. The setting of male Gumiho was unique because it was a very fresh character that I have never seen before. It's also a work I've been shooting for almost a year, and because Lee Yeon's character was very attractive in many ways, there still
  11. Us be like when PiChi couple don't want to expose themselves and pretending we don't know. Haha just for fun guys. <3 I also changed my name. I'm the old one "miyoki."
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