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  1. So, I completely put my life on hold and spend 6 days binge-watching this amazing drama. I can't believe I just started on it now. I knew about this drama and heard of how great it was, but I wasn't interested in it because I thought it was going to be a more serious drama based on the trailer so I didn't watch it until now. Who knew, it would turn out to be so funny and yet so so good. No words can describe how excellent this drama is, definitely on my top 5 list so far! Hehe, sorry but get ready for my long rant xD All the cast portray their characters amazingly. This drama was t
  2. I finally finished the drama. Ending wasn’t what I hoped for but I think the drama was able to tied up loose ends nicely. After finishing this drama, I can add Darren Wang to my list of favorite actors now xD. Both Li Qin and Xiao Zhan already have a place due to their previous works that I’ve watch them in.
  3. Caught up to ep 46 and only 3 more episodes left. I’m not ready for this drama to end yet.
  4. I completely finished this drama within a week and wow, I have to say, it’s become one of my favorite. In a way, the drama is both relatable and unrelatable. I didn’t think I would like this theme of family drama so much but I did. All the actors and actresses were amazing and portray their characters so well. Props to the older cast especially Li Baba, Ling Baba, Auntie He Mei, and Ling Xiao’s mom (special consideration to Yue Liang’s mom too) Li Baba by far is my favorite character in the storyline. I cried at the scene when Li Baba had to get drunk to just voice his frustration
  5. Is it true that we’re getting 1 episode spin-off for the drama? I see it listed on mydramalist and don’t really know what it’s about? Here’s the link to weibo post which shares a small video clip of it: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4575086478361139.
  6. Finally watch up to Episode 32. The drama is ending so quick . I don’t think I’m ready to be finish with this drama yet just because of how great the two leads are. If you guys have any modern drama recommendation similar to this, I’ll be up for it ^^ just so my heart can be satisfied (I never thought I’ll be so into modern dramas) I found episode 32 to be so funny xD especially the awkwardness between the two after the second lead couple just kind of expose their problems haha. The whole time they were at Simon’s apartment and then went back home, ahh I truly could feel the elephant
  7. I have to say guys, I loved all the OSTs so far. This is just my thoughts but I really do think the opening song, “Who Am I” really is reflective of Lord Bo’s struggle with trying to be both Wolfie to Xinger and Lord Bo to please the king. The struggle is real and you can truly see how it affects Lord Bo. As much as he want to be Wolfie for Xinger, he knows he can’t because of all the blood that he has on his hand and if he becomes Wolfie, he can no longer guarantee Xinger’s safety and protect her as the mighty Lord Bo. Here is my thoughts on the drama so far. I’ve seen to episode 26
  8. @pad-hari I immediately went to Instagram and watch all those lovely clips. Ahhh YY is such an angel sigh~ wish I can have a child like him in the far future XD I can now patiently wait for the episodes to be subbed. He’s also so cute and playful in the BTS. I wonder if this is his real voice or do dramas also dubbed children’s voices too? Hopefully he grows up to be a great actor. There’s great potential in him. And I definitely laughed at that scene, how he feel so guilty doing all the bad things his mom told him to do haha I also love how he labeled Simon as the bori
  9. I could only watch up til ep 28. When I saw the part where FN was talking to YY, I thought she was teaching him how to be good when he meets LR’s family xD so that was a twist to find out what she was actually telling YY to do haha. Awwh, but YY is such a dreamy little kid and he’s so darn cute. I love all his dialogues so far in the story. I will be patiently waiting for English subtitles so I can watch more romantic interactions between the leads.
  10. I totally agree! In my eyes, I think Bai Lu is more talented. Both actress have their own beauty and is beautiful in their own ways but I never seem to finish any of Ju Jingyi's drama. I gave up on both The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion and Legend of Yun Xi. Here are some stills to how Bai Lu's character will look like in the historical portion: This is definitely a new look for her and I think she looks very different compare to her other dramas (but she always look different in each of her drama xD) More feminine and very young looking, I'm actually liking this and loo
  11. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and I've seen it to episode 14 subbed (thanks to Viki, I caved in and brought their subscription to get early access :3). Here are my two cents on this so far: Anywho, I'm loving the chemistry between Wolfie and Xinger. I especially love the arrow scene where she got jealous because he was treating the Khitan princess really good. I found it so cute especially when she was aiming for both of his hands and then he told her to aim for his heart ahhhhhhh We got some bits of romance before he turns all cold and frowny again.
  12. @jadore1 try to watch it on carmonsub.com. It's out to episode 23 with english subtitles now. She does her own subtitles so there's a lot of errors but you get the basics of what they're saying. I hope that helps.
  13. I just finished: Overall, the book was very good. It's by the same author (Yangsze Choo) who wrote "The Ghost Bride" that was made into a tv show on Netflix. Honestly, I think I like the plot development and the characters from this book more compared to the Ghost Bride. I'm trying to support more Asian novelist and read more Asian novels. So, please recommend me some! I'm planning to read this one next:
  14. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, but not new to lurking around Soompi xD. I wanted to join and shared my inputs. I've been loving this drama so much, even watch ep 24 and 25 without english sub today haha. I do love the FL's overall acting better than the ML. Anyways, I'm excited for both of them to meet again and for the little cutie that's joining them in the drama. Hopefully, in the next few episodes, our badass female lead can build up her "White Queen" furniture brand and take down that betrayer Gao Er Fan. Hi pad-hari!! (Love the profile pic btw, truly one of
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