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  1. I don't know if everyone here is like me. While waiting for their updates (both of their work and personal), I kept watching their videos over and over. Whether the video interviews from 2018, the CF videos, and all the videos that the fans made. It’s so cute and I think I will always do this. ❤️❤️
  2. I saw the fun interview from this forums but I can't remember which page. So I can't wait for them to appear in public together. That I made this clip just for the needs of my heart. Please watch it for fun. hahaha
  3. A very considerate act of Yejin for her boyfriend (Hyun Bin) not to attend so the attention will be focused on him as the winner instead of them as a couple dating....and on the part of Hyun Bin, he was actually dedicating his award to Yejin in his message, that it's because of her, he was able to act his role well...and he is now addressing her as Yejin that sounds on a personal rather than professional level....what a sweet couple, supportive of each other
  4. I have been a longtime of Hyun Bin's fan and I have never been a shipper to any star couple, HB and YJ are the first time I done in my life. As for me... It doesn't matter when they started dating... It doesn't matter why they confirmed their relationship.... It doesn't matter what reason they previously refused.... But on this day, they have each other, they love each other, they spend time and have fun together. Just that really makes me happiest. Hyun Bin was a man who luckiest to be conquer the first love of YeJin. and YeJin also was a woman w
  5. Happy New Year 2021 to you all... I have been following this topic for a long time I told myself that I will leave a comment after this couple is confirmed. Today has finally arrived, I am so happy it is the most wonderful New Year gift for me. My dream come true...
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