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  1. Hello fellow shippers hehe it's been a while but I always check this forum every now and then. Reading posts I felt like the ship is sailing comfortably and even maybe could have been docked already. Overall positive vibes. I think that binjin couple relationship to each other is like lovers and friends. So I leave you guys one of my favorite song that seems to describe them. Happy Sunday guys keep up the good work and healthy sailingship we have here.
  2. Loverboy to Groceryboy hahahaha aheeem! Even in the drama the squad was teasing them for real. https://www.facebook.com/110603433752321/posts/147275110085153/?app=fbl The act that goes down to history of Kdrama. Happy Sunday
  3. Nice I one I'm not the only here then. Here's my fist bump! Buddy. What nice FMV ;). Last time it was "That Man". Aside from the fighting spirit and positivity of my fellow shippers, I admire how skillful they are in creating FMV and stuffs.
  4. Hi it's my first time posting. I been lurking here for more than a week already hahaha you know what I like here is the fighting spirits of my fellow shippers. I bet all shippers here are women. But I ship them too. In my guts and feelings, I believe they are for real. There maybe weather bump, but our ship is sailing still and will be soon docking in its rightful place. Fighting guys!!!
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