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  1. Sorry,still figuring out about this Soompi thing :)i'm just a recent fan,one month and still can't move on with MLSH I'm so thankful that I came across here,
  2. When is it? Hello everyone ,I'm new here in Soompi,I've been reading your pages for awhile,I've watched MLSH and since then I can't seem to move on with the LeeLee couple,the ending really imprinted on me,so I watched BTS and to fall only deeply then I crossed with the issue of LJG's relationship,where many accused him,w/c I honestly get mad about it too,that's why to give him benefit of the doubt and to clear the pain in my heart, i do some reasearch and come across here,I'm very thankful for the all the infos I gathered here, Anyways,I conclude that LJG really fal
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