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  1. "Start-Up", "Moon Lovers", "Familiar Wife" reunion. Nam Joo Hyuk and Han Ji Min are promoting their new film Josee 2020 on KBS Cool FM volumeup891 with HanD a.k.a DJ Kang Han Na.
  2. Hello, Kang Han-Na is here. https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=30038036&memberNo=29770009 https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/215/0000917344 For english translation https://www.instagram.com/p/CH6i_RkJxiP/?igshid=1uks741c7tfmm
  3. So do i, when i have seen this drama the first time i thought more intense on business content. but it's nope, more focusing on messy complicated love triangle story. who is the 2nd Female lead? Won In Jae (KHN)? Nope, is the grandma. it's kind of hard to when the episode breakdown is like this. 90% love triangle(SDM-NDS-HJP-Grandma) 5% move the business side of the plot 5% side character, including WIJ This drama is just one big giant love triangle, with plot sprinkled in between. just poorly for hanna, i expected this dram
  4. Same with you. I am now on eps 8, this drama more feel like familiar wife. KHN just filled in both dramas.
  5. won in jae needs more screentime and backstory. people already misunderstanding about him. the main lead not just 3 of them. writer just so lazy to develop her character and wasting kang hanna's acting skill. i am richardsimmons really don't care about ship war stuff.
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