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  1. Honestly I 100% agree that this was a great drama, but I didn't feel the satisfaction I usual feel after a good drama. It was more of a "I'm happy this is over now feeling" and it's mostly because I started this without know who the main leads were and had the false sense of pairing the JP with DM from the beginning. After realizing what was going on and finding out this was a triangle and who the main leads were around the 6th or 8th, I just couldn't enjoy the show the same way anymore. I did want to finish it because I was looking forward to the success of everyone in Samsan Tech. It was suc
  2. I know y'all DS fans would like to glorify his good qualities and ignore JP's because bias can be an amazing blinder, but fact is the both have good qualities and bad ones, plenty of flaws on both sides, but I'd much rather see DM with JP simple for the fact that I like them together (it's my preference so don't come at me for that!). But we all know how these stories go, the writers already chose their man and the story will be led to that end (which is DS), now all that's left is to convince us through the episodes why DS is best for DM. This is why I hate triangles, especially those that ar
  3. Wish I had known who the two leads were before going into this drama, the I wouldn't have had hope for HJP, I can't really enjoy this drama anymore because I know now it won't end with my man HJP. This is why I hate love triangle dramas! So disappointed
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