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  1. Thank you @inBinJinitrust for introducing us to NJH singing lol! He is young but he sings like an old man hahaha I saw in his interview with HJM, apparently he is obsessed with karaoke He and HJM singing Aloha together . After Start up, I watched The light in your eyes because so many people mentioned it lol and it was such a unique/beautiful drama but .... too sad I am glad NJH is challenging himself in so many different types of drama! I usually don't have a favorite actor... but I think I might follow his projects from now on!
  2. I would like a world where we have season 2 focusing on JP finding love and the expansion of Cheongmyeong company ! Feel like their stories are still unfolding! The characters are such wholesome people and inspiring! I will miss the Samsan tech boys, The Seo family, JP and Yeongsil lol!! The drama has some flaws but overall a great ending to 2020! Hope Soop keeps releasing contents relating to Suzy-NJH and I will continue watching KSH through 2D1N!!! Samsan check! check! check!
  3. Yeah, I think that specific letter with the music box meant a lot to Dosan as @bedifferent has explained. I thought an interesting analogy would be the girl on the swing. Throughout the drama, I thought even though the girl on the swing is obviously DM, but it's actually Injae who spends more time contemplate about it. What does it mean to be the girl on the swing? What direction she wanna head with her life? IJ might not be exactly that girl, but she understands that girl symbolism, probably even more than DM. I thought Dalmi's letter has spoken to DS in the same way, helping him found the di
  4. I so agree! This is why the dragged out love triangle is bad, we mostly knew it's Dodal endgame but having JP being in pain until the last ep is too much! I guess as JP said to DM- his feeling is genuine and he will need to take all the time he can get to heal! I am disappointed that the writer did not let DM/DS resolved their own problem (the two of them have never wavered in their feelings and are quite straightforward people) but instead the burden was on JP! I feel like if DM has come to JP and said to him that she is sorry she can't return his feeling, JP would concede! The guy all along
  5. OMG... I did not know that! Jihoo sunbae ! So nostalgic! It's bad NDR gets typed cast so heavily but he does play the sad high school boys so well! One day when he becomes a lead, he can borrow any old clips of his former self
  6. Just wanna share my thoughts with you guys so hopefully we can go into the last couple eps fully enjoying the drama, as how it should be! I come across the same article yesterday. At first, I was sad! However, I stopped myself soon after because I thought about the reasons why am sad. Am I sad for DS and DM who are wonderful, kind-hearted, in love people to be bashed because they are less than perfect? Yes, but I told myself that their world and mine are different. In PHR world, they are hard-working young adults, getting closer and closer to success and love! Their lives are full of exci
  7. Yeah. This is my first drama with NJH in it. I prefer DS based on his character, and not for NJH visual. He looks good, sure, but the first drama I actually saw him in was Bride of Habaek, and I couldn't get past the first ep! His look, while as good as any other kdrama lead, did not stand out to me, nor was the character Habaek! DS sure is so wholesome. It's hard to get people being honest with their feeling these days! A person's group of friends speak a lot to their personality. Samsan tech is a group of hardworking and genuine people, who are willing to listen from others and learn!
  8. Go vote for your favorite couples on The Swoon instagram guys! I gave my support to Dodal and Ri-Hyeok couples
  9. I think you brought up such a good point. I was wondering too why he did not do anything for 3 years. And you are right, I think the few times we see him being upfront with his feeling is when Dosan is there in the picture. But I think it's not because JP doesn't love DM enough. JP is the kind of person who patiently waits for someone to realize he is there for them. He and DS are the two opposite styles of lovers, one more straightforward and put everything on the table, the other one is more reserved and being considerate silently! It is consistent with his character when it's come to lov
  10. For ep 13, 14, I am satisfied with the progression of DS character and the couple scenes where DM and DS met, I thought it was filled with unspoken emotion for each other. I thought it was nice that we had a yacht scene on ep 13 like an indirect nod to that phrase "sail off without a map", I wonder if it's a hobby DS picked up which remind him of DM (lol maybe I am overfantasizing)! The phone call when DS first called DM after 3 years.... and asked are you alright was so touching... and I love the cabin scene as well. I am thankful that the writer has given us a proper 2nd lead for sure.
  11. I agree with what @lebeaucouplesaid as well! Final comment on the issue... Personally, I started this drama because of the writer (loved her previous works- I can hear your voice, while u were sleeping, etc) and wanted to see something refreshing lol. Knowing it’s a youth drama, I was expecting all the impulsiveness, hotbloodedness, lack of self-confidence lol…so I was more ready to forgive these actions and rather focus on the character's intentions through the writer’s lens. And @cmoirae2, @Nymeria289, you guys pointed out these flaws as they are too critical in the real world and I c
  12. Yeah I like the tiny bits of the business/tech part in this drama that are shown to us as well. Self-driving cars seem like they require a huge amount of training, basically teaching a machine to drive like us, or ... the good drivers among us at least I like learning the few business terms they put in too lol in case I ever enter a trivia competition!!! Another tech I found interesting is the med identification that they will update for Noongil. As a med student, I thought this is so cool because many patients, especially older ones have problems with med compliance due to having too many
  13. I saw this comment earlier that you made. Just from watching a fictional character, you developed this much-heated response to it. Don't you think DS, who is supposedly in the "real" situation would have the same if not more heated response? DS hitting JP I think is a way to express the heightened emotional distress of what happened. The way they went hard at each other, don't you think it's for them to express the frustration and anger about the situation. It's not a mature response- being physical! But other viewers also say JP has a tendency to be passive-aggressive, that is also a toxic
  14. Dosan does get lots of hate outside of this thread lol. This is why I signed up to Soompi forum for discussion, this place is still quite insulated thus far from the warships hate. I can feel why @EK8 and a few other DS's shippers get so frustrated. Do San's handling of business is lacking because of his experience (he is a developer not a businessman by any means) and also emotionally driven or I would rather call that passion. But that's probably was also JP in his early youth. He probably got stepped on, cheated on, taken advantage of so many times before he got to where he is. That's why J
  15. I am glad we were able to have some more focus on the start up aspect in ep.11! It was so wholesome when the whole Samsan tech team work in the original office! Really hit me with the sentiment- does not matter where you are, as long as you are with the right people! And I am glad the revenge thing was not as scary as it seems. This is a good chance for JP to reflect on his attitude towards others. Sometimes it's not what you say, it's how you say it. It is true that it's not his fault in terms of Yongsan's brother death. Some people can deal with criticism, others cannot. However, maturi
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