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  1. Toxic people started coming here too? As if tweeter and fb are not enough for them to vent out their frustrations. Lol. Anyway, two more episodes to go and still so many unsolved problems. Let's hope for the best.
  2. Thanks for this interesting article. I can relate certain terms in the article with this drama such as LIDAR. I saw this on the whiteboard and was curious about it. Also, the amount of training data required for the autonomous car is no joke since the system learn thru training data. This is also what dosan explain to dalmi when he uses tarzan metaphor. Tarzan keeps on giving things to Jane to understand what Jane prefers. He explained the concept of training data in machine learning which I think is good and simple to understand.
  3. It seems like the war has shifted from team dodal/jidal to dosan/jipeong. I guess since we already know who will end up with dalmi now the focus is to point out every single flaw that dosan has and put a blind eye to the flaw of the favorite character. Since everyone has pointed out each character strengths and weaknesses may be it is time to accept each other opinion and no need to justify anymore. It's become annoying when the same arguments are being repeated several times. I think we, mature readers already get your points. Let's discuss about other thing as well. E.g the AI pr
  4. Just watch preview for episode 13 and read someone said that Dalmi/samsan tech will develop the proposed self driving car and they name the project Tarzan. Hope this is true.
  5. You're right. It's in episode 10. Alex offering Dosan an engineer job in Silicon valley. He said the compensation is the best in the industry. It's 300k a year plus 1.5 billion worth of stock over 4 years. He also told Dosan experience working in 2STO will help Dosan with his company.
  6. I think I understand why many people thought JP is the male lead based on the first few episodes and rooting for him with Dalmi. He is already an established entrepreneur.. rich.. handsome.. successful and mature.. not to mention living in an apartment facing the Han river.. driving a dream car and even his watch is more expensive than his car. For me if the drama ends at episode 8 then he is definitely the most perfect male lead although he has his own flaws such as arrogant, insensitive, don't know how to care and don't know how to be honest (last night episode he was sick but he said he was
  7. I agree with what you said 100%. This drama is based on real situation. It is quite common for a company to experience failure or being cheated because they are inexperienced. Dosan should go to US to gain as much experience as possible and hopefully when he come back he will be more confident and mature. I think this is what NJH and Suzy meant when they said audience will see the character growth in the drama. I think we will see immature and lack of confident Dosan blooming into a confident young entrepreneur who knows how to manage a business. Even now we can already see that he is more con
  8. Today is the day! I really hope everything will be revealed today and Dalmi will make her choice so that we can stop with this shipping thing. After that we can concentrate on the beauty of the story. After today's episode there will be 7 more to go. We need to find out who wants the revenge, what kind of revenge, how they found out about the revenge, who is the girl on the swing, grandma's blindness, how samsan tech overcome all challenges and become successful, may be even reconciliation between dalmi, in jae, her mom and grandma. And also not to forget who is Alex? Personally i think Dalmi
  9. NDS is the real victim. He would never be in this mess if these people are not selfish: Grandma - use Dosan from the beginning in order to make sure DM is always happy. JP - use Dosan's name from the beginning instead of his name in order to please grandma so that he can stay in the house. He also used grandma money illegally to invest and make money for himself which shows how selfish he was. He also accused grandma of taking his money and gave to DM's father. When grandma gave him the money he took all of it. He should at least gave some to grandma if he is less greedy. That way DM
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