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  1. He sure had it rough!! In a way, I think pulling clips from it and putting a video together was kind of therapeutic for me in terms of my feelings about the show. If that makes sense. But I do agree - it's one I won't be rewatching any time soon, and it for sure could have worked great as a movie!! Thanks for always being kind with your comments about my videos - it means an awful lot.
  2. Happy New Year to you all - been working hard to get this video done - hope you like it! I know it's not everyone's fave series, but it has stayed in my heart & mind after watching it. Was driving a couple of weeks ago and this song (one of my favorites for awhile now anyway) came on the radio and this video idea hit me! I admire the hard work Hyuk put into this series and figured it deserved some love!!
  3. Yes, I will probably end up watching MC before TMWYS. And I actually watched Beautiful Mind right after FTLY and thoroughly enjoyed it!! I almost feel like I need to rewatch though at some point now that I've seen more of Hyuk's works - I think I could appreciate how different of a role that was more now if that makes sense. So far I have watched (in this order) FTLY, Beautiful Mind, Chuno, Thank You, Bad Papa, Money Flower, and am currently halfway through SOGC. Movie-wise I've only see Flu & Maybe. Still wanting to watch Windstruck! Also, thanks to everyone who an
  4. I have a question for anyone who has seen Tell Me What You Saw. I'm wondering how dark/creepy it is? I've heard Hyuk does an amazing job in it (I mean, naturally!) but I tend to get creeped out easily. I realize that everyone has a different gauge for this type of thing, so I guess I'm just trying to get a few general responses from those of you who have watched it.
  5. I think at the end of the day it all just comes down to the fact that he's a human. He of course has shortcomings & a variety of emotions just like we all do. He has anger, self-control, good manners, great discipline, strength, weakness, clumsiness, deftness, a sense of humor, shyness, boldness, kindness, impatience, patience, etc. We're all a walking pile of contradictions and I'm sure he's no different. What matters to me is that he's constantly giving everything he does 150%, that he is polite and good to others, that he's a good sport even if deep down his feelings are a bit hurt at t
  6. Yeah, I tend to think that's it. And I personally think he bumped on the "definitely" word because he would have to review his options & answer cautiously before committing to something like that. As far as the mast prank goes, I think he took in stride & he did say he "loved" being up there so I don't think he was harboring any resentment towards them or anything. May have had a few moments of like "what the heck is going on" type thing, but personally I think his lawsuit comment was said in complete jest, kind of like a dry humor situation.
  7. I think I know just what you mean, and I think that is part of what attracts me to him, honestly. I like not being able to figure him out completely. Obviously you don't get to where he is by just being easy-going all the time. He has to have an edge, a fire, a firm will, a mind that knows what it wants. And yet he is amiable, and personable, seemingly a joy to be around. All in all, he's a very interesting human.
  8. He definitely does seem the type to go quiet and just try to push through it when feeling sick - unlike so many men out there who are such babies when sick! Doesn't seem to want much attention drawn to himself & would rather keep busy/take his mind off it than lay around. It was cute how the girls wanted to take care of him. Does anyone know that song that Soyou sang to him through the radio while he was on watch? Don't know if it was one of her own songs or just a popular song, but it sounded so pretty.
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