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  1. He sure had it rough!! In a way, I think pulling clips from it and putting a video together was kind of therapeutic for me in terms of my feelings about the show. If that makes sense. But I do agree - it's one I won't be rewatching any time soon, and it for sure could have worked great as a movie!! Thanks for always being kind with your comments about my videos - it means an awful lot.
  2. Happy New Year to you all - been working hard to get this video done - hope you like it! I know it's not everyone's fave series, but it has stayed in my heart & mind after watching it. Was driving a couple of weeks ago and this song (one of my favorites for awhile now anyway) came on the radio and this video idea hit me! I admire the hard work Hyuk put into this series and figured it deserved some love!!
  3. Yes, I will probably end up watching MC before TMWYS. And I actually watched Beautiful Mind right after FTLY and thoroughly enjoyed it!! I almost feel like I need to rewatch though at some point now that I've seen more of Hyuk's works - I think I could appreciate how different of a role that was more now if that makes sense. So far I have watched (in this order) FTLY, Beautiful Mind, Chuno, Thank You, Bad Papa, Money Flower, and am currently halfway through SOGC. Movie-wise I've only see Flu & Maybe. Still wanting to watch Windstruck! Also, thanks to everyone who an
  4. I have a question for anyone who has seen Tell Me What You Saw. I'm wondering how dark/creepy it is? I've heard Hyuk does an amazing job in it (I mean, naturally!) but I tend to get creeped out easily. I realize that everyone has a different gauge for this type of thing, so I guess I'm just trying to get a few general responses from those of you who have watched it.
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