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  1. Hello. I am new to this forum and has started to read every page of this forum. Your video cannot played before given access. Can you give the access or give which time in the full length video when did R said "what will we eat for the dinner? " Sorry and thank you, because i am so late coming here almost 70% of video or gif are blank already.
  2. Thank you! Hey, can i know why certain post that have picture or videos does not open for me? There is many blank post that only have the comment/reply for the post
  3. Hello. I am new shipper for GWxD and find this forum a few days ago. I love their character in ELOD and start shipping after seen them in bts. Just want to say hello and thank you for all the analysis all of you have done in this forum. Its been really hard to find about them in google and really glad i found this forum
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