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  1. Agree on both! LJG did explain his action of breaking protocol. He is senior to both of them. Not mentioning he is also a good friend of IU, who accompanied her to the Knowing Brother show. So, he surely knows KSH and SYJ privately. Love the chemistry and the little interaction on the award. Although breaking the protocol was not a good example, he still did it LOL.
  2. Thank you so much for clarifications I guess I have to watch that iconic scene again. SH's pictures seem to give us some hints
  3. @szne09 Can you please explain how "uri" and "ssi" are so unique in this case? I read on twitter as well For a re-new k-drama fan, mainly for IOTNBO and Hyunji, I read the posts in this forum and looked them up on google, but still can't figure out......have lots of question marks in my head
  4. You are definitely not the only one who was disappointed last night......I was really upset about the whole AAA with social distance protocols and how Hyunji didn't have any pics together. I didn't watch the whole show, so didn't realize there was such protocols until I woke up this morning. All I want to say and remember now if how LGJ Oppa went above and beyond for Yeaji which really mattered as he understands how Yeaji is nervous and shy back when working together in 2018. He did say at one interview that they both have problems sleeping at night because they tend to think a lot. Not to men
  5. From the tweets I read, the award is today, but the broadcast is on the 28th. Not sure if we will see any news about it or not. For people who like seeing the aspect of the two, here is a video I have found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k88Xv718CDo . I have studied astrology for a few of years and think they did a good job analyzing their signs.
  6. Thank you for sharing the videos. You can tell from the first video that Mr. Ryu even held Yeaji’s sunglasses for her. I agree he really does a very job job taking care of Yeaji. I also think we won’t get to see much interaction between the two until their next work together which can be a long long time. I have never been a Kdrama fan or shipper, the last kdrama I watched probably 10 years ago! LOL! Because of the show, I started looking into the Korean culture and the fan world etc. I see people comparing Song-Song with HyunJi, but the only thing in my mind is that I don’t want to see Yeaji
  7. I watched the video at the airport again for many times....don't feel touchy, but pushy (LOL) at the beginning...seems he doesn't want media to bother her. Don't see the holding hand part. Yet, Yeaji felt so fragile and pale in that video...wonder if that's why he accompanied closely. Well, I agree with most people that no matter what happens to them, they are both professional and hard-working actors who deserve everyone to value their works over their personal life.
  8. Wonder if anyone knows whether it is a scene or not....didn't the two have the pudding CM in 2014?? Hope there are long-term yeye fans know something about this pic
  9. https://twitter.com/yeyea_jis/status/1326294359655002113?s=21 Saw this on Twitter.....also wondering he does look like someone familiar
  10. Not sure if anyone had shared this before...I recently just noticed that back in Oct 2019, the two were in France! Was that a coincidence?! SYJ was there for a magazine photo shoot. KSY was there for a Chinese brand party. Maybe the timeframe was not same, but just found it’s interesting......then, a Cartier ring which SYJ wears all the time
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