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  1. Hi everyone..I'm a fans of SSH since 2000 autumn in my heart, but also become a fans of SJH since Jealousy incarnate.. Seeing SSH married n live happily everafter with the woman he loved is one of the thing that i'm waiting eagerly along my journey in kdrama. SSH is indeed a very sweet boyfriend who will not let go his lover's hand..Even if her lover let his hand go, he will try to keep hold and will just release at the end, when he realized n sure that they'll not gonna make it Anyway, I'm sorry but this time, i dont think that the ball is fully on SJH h
  2. Me too, i'm in with this project..i believe our beloved fellas @huckleberrymoonriver could help us..you can see her projects to SSH by the link below@https://www.instagram.com/p/CF9deLZpiOb/?igshid=1hchlo59fdjzt
  3. Hahaha.. @Jimmy Greene, your post really push me to comment since i am one of silent lurker Anyway, i will thank all of you guys for making this forum as a trully HeonHye shipper paradise.. I appreciate a loottt..You guys have a real deep analyze so that makes me smile and fluttered my heart each time i read the post from this forum As you guys knows, i keep send my reaction almost to every post.. But since i dont have a good analytical skills like you, what can i do is only send reaction n support.. And of course i'm always waiting for the new post from you guys
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