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  1. When I see all the trailers on this drama, I was expecting some intense love story. But after watching the first episode, it felt wrong. So I come here to see the sentiments. for me this is closer to a lust/obsession kinda thing than love. not to mention the timeline kinda threw me off a bit. I still don't know they met again after a few months or after a few days. She met him for the first time on a snowy day and met again when sakura falls. but she still have that "tatoo" on her. Not sure if I should continue or just drop it here.
  2. To kill sigma, they jump a few days early so they can launch a surprise attack on him, and also alter his motives a little bit. Sigma still hates Tae Sul, but kinda open to other people. At First, Tae Sul thought Sigma will be the end game, but actually there are other people like Eddie who will replace Sigma and keeps the cycle going. Then he realize that the best way to end this War cycle is to make sure Uploader does not exist in the first place so he kills himself. Before he die, he had a dream of flying somewhere with Seo Hae. Well, we don't have a happy ending on
  3. Well now we know that SH did not meet her younger self but she accidentally found her own grave and obtain the memories of her future self. Maybe because of this memories, she is able to change the future? Anyway, her grave is located on the side of a toppled building. this indicates that she survive the initial nuke.she was buried with someone. probably together with Tae Sul? Since both of the corpse seems like properly buried with stone and cross, this might indicate that someone who knows them did their burial. maybe Tae Sul brother, or Sun or even their own child?
  4. Well, this development got my attention. I never plan to watch this drama at all but seeing how they change male lead almost right in the middle of the story, I have to watch it. It is interesting to see how they execute it considering the production team only got like 10 days to replace Jisoo with Na In Woo for ep 9. I might start binge watching it till latest episode tomorrow.
  5. For the Tablet, she just can grab it off somebody on the way to the hall, or even in the hall itself moments before flashing it. Regarding the slide, weight is not only the factor here. technique and experience plays a larger role in these kind of situation. For Tae Sul it might be a fall, but for Seo Hae it's a controlled descent. The broker = gangs that transport people illegally. in exchange for that, the illegal immigrant must carry with them some kind of cargo for the gang along with their personal belongings, thus the suitcase. Control Bureau = government b
  6. EP4 is really good with most of the basic stuff are now explained. WTH moments kinda spoil it a bit. That fridge door must be made from thick steel. Seo Hae brings an uploader with her. that means she wants to transport Tae Sul to the future, or maybe the past. I think the future is more likely. the 'uploader' / 'downloader' tech is not perfect with only 10% success rate. maybe he died before perfecting it. thats why she wants him in the future? looking at how young the 'jumper guy' is, Seo Hae must come from 20 or 25 years from the future. the guy must jumped after Seo
  7. Finally, both of them met! Seeing how she act when Tae Sul shows her the picture, I feel like Seo Hae already knows what will happen to both of them and how she will die(or just shot not die). its like, I accept the fate. From what I understand, it's not possible to change the past, based on what they said. Future is the mirror of the present. and in the preview of next episode, Seo Hae said the reason people time travel is because of regret. not because they can change the future. maybe she comes to 2020 just to fulfill her fate or just to meet her (presumably)dead mom once again?
  8. Done watching ep 1 and 2. I must say I have high expectation for this drama based on the amazing trailers, SJK being the lead and it was produced by Studio Dragon. EP1 was good especially the opening scenes but I feel like this drama starts to become draggy in ep2. I mean, they should have done with this "demolish building" arc by ep2, seeing how it was demolished by him 72 hours (3 days exact) after he woke up on his father's funeral day in the opening scenes. its been more than 4 days since then! I really hope the pace of the story starts to pick up again .
  9. @kdramagrandma I have a feeling that Tae-Sul got something to do with Seo-Hae's mom's life. Maybe that's why she still searching for him eventhough her father forbids her. Although this drama might be off in terms of logic/science, I think I still can accept it as long as the story and plot make sense. not everyday we get Sci-fi Kdrama.
  10. Just finished the first 2 episode. I must say I like how they present the story but the logic/science part of it is a bit off. Planes usually are capable of flying thousands of KM with a single engine and you cant get DNA from ashes. The story is about their attempt to change the future. If they just leave it as it is, Seo-Hae and Tae-Sul will get married and Seo-Hae will die on her wedding day. There is high possibility that she is aware of this. That is why the first step is to prevent Tae-Sul from opening the suitcase. if that fails, she try to run as far as she can from Tae-S
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