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  1. Personally, I search through all reliable source soompi (mainly because this forum is specially made for my Guangre CP heart), IG, youtube, weibo, FB. But other source sometimes discourage me or makes me sad, due to sunken ship, or even such an old big guangre CP account sometimes post abt another pairing such as YY with MM or Kitty Zhang with V which hurt my guangre heart Well Can't blame them bcs its their personal preference, and human is always change. But not this forum, bcs it is intented only for our GG MM
  2. Welcome to the ship ,yesss, we love them both! likewise And Happy Birthday to our GG wishing him more happiness and great future, if MM in that future would be even greater
  3. @guguthecat I really like this statement of Guangre DFS : "I want us to trust and come together till the day when either of them comes out. And even if that day the ship does collapses, please dont trample on GWG or RB. . . . . . . The swinging couple is all about ourselves voluntarily, no ones force it. . . . . . . Fate is due to heaven, destiny is made by creator, but being with someone is a choice. We've chosen to accompany them,. . . .lets wait and see. . .whatever it is GuangRe is a beautifull memories in our hearts." I relate with all state
  4. Guys if you hve a weibo account, let's vote for our GG n MM. For actors &actress category. https://m.weibo.cn/p/231610_standard_cardlist_6294_yanyuan_index And also vote for ELoD (currently ranking 1#) https://m.weibo.cn/p/231610_standard_cardlist_6295_yanyuan_index In modern drama & wrb drama category. Go guangre
  5. Guys, can we please mend our forum back to its original purposes? It is for GuangRe CP ok. We love BOTH! our GG n MM and hope them to be together or being happy if theyre not together. I believe why MM never said he just a friend, means that he's not just a friend for her. She doesnt do anything? Maybe her way of being cold n distant is her way to protect him and also herself. Every fandom has their obsessive fans but not all of them is obsessive. Im so sad if we are arguing about GG doesnt need to be with MM or otherwise. What is this fo
  6. It makes me sad to read some of our guangre fellow to be in doubt & some are leaving the ship, just bcz they didn't get the expectation they want from last night event. Some event comment harsh word towards V or R (*why tho). Please, they re real human beings not an object. Please respect their decision on how to display themselves in public. I know we are dying to eat sweeter sugar from GG n MM. But my own oppinion is, as I love both of them, nothing more matter than GG n MM safety n happiness. We know how ugly crazy fans treat them if they
  7. Of course its her LoL Do watch RB star focused camera, she also waved at someone. How i wish I can told the cameraman to zoom out ! tencent really teasing us.
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