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  1. Aah thank you for translating!! Queen of romance drama indeed, she can build amazing chemistry with all of her onscreen partner
  2. Eng subtitle for veilment radio is available! Thanks to honeyYooDdalgi (on twitter)
  3. Yess that fried tofu really reminds me of yin haha.. and i was thinking the same abt korean flag in ldws phone it reminded me of funding together but not sure that the flag means anything related to them Anw also in this new video from veilment inna is wearing the color that makes me instantly remember ldws shirt in ep.1 haha.. are they also color coordinated their clothes for shooting..hmm.. And i think suhyun is close to inna as well as 2 years ago inna was a special dj for volume up radio hosted by suhyun and if im not mist
  4. I always thought this kids face is just like inna and now inna helping her with her pictorial! So cutee..i hope someday then can play together in a drama or movie where they can play mother and children
  5. Agree its so late Well i hope she already have another project in the pocket at least a movie where the shooting time is not for so long, otherwise we'll get inna drought again
  6. Finally veilment event! it took so long for them to release it but i dont mind now seeing her so adorable, so stunning i hope there's also eng sub
  7. Yeah and that makes me feel upset more I feel that they treated her as if she's 'done' in this business like oys was while we know shes far from that.. Well i guess we still have to wait after snowdrop, please snowdrop coming soon!!
  8. To think about manager Isn't it a bit similar with tyh dont you think? They put ojs manager in charge for new hot artist huhu..
  9. Yes they can https://www.instagram.com/p/CRAzPTIlCCV/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. When was phone cleasing aired, was it march? My fave is may 21 because we got 2 ads out of nowhere and she looks soo stunning in both!
  11. Omg so there'll be action scene then, i hope it involve inna so exciting!!
  12. Omg so lucky of her can see inna in person Whats with the props why they are so many wigs? Could it be dr kang is actually a spy??
  13. Haha actually this is one of the thing that i feel amazed about her, her ninja skill! I mean shes popular enough to be noticeable but how come shes so hard to 'catch' by the public eyes really, kudos to her.. And hey maybe what @innayoooossaid is right shes busy shopping preparing for her soon to be born 'niece' and shopping for snowdrop film crew as filming should be nearing to end she always caring for other people after all So lets keep a happy feeling waiting, fighting!
  14. Actually im thinking the same the moment i hear iu bought a new house but i hope its nothing related to inna About bday and foodtruck i think iu has done something its just that inna choose not publicized it i assume? from the last iu bts we can see they definitely doing fine and i choose to believe that And maybe we got this wrong assumption about yg foodtruck, maybe they send it but they didn't show it to us? Huhu i dont know, shes even more private nowadays dont you think? i just hope she's okay and happy sending lots of heart for inna unnie
  15. Happy Birthday the one and only Yoo In Na!! You always take care of people sincerely and wish them well, now its your time to take care yourself, stay healthy and be happier! May this year be your most wonderful year where all your wishes coming true. *BIG HUG*
  16. Hi im a badminton fan for real and been waiting for this drama to come out and after watching first episode im quite happy. It was funny, refreshing and i can feel the chemistry between the boys i hope this drama will be successful like hot stove league
  17. you can have rough english subtitles actually go to setting button next to cc choose subtitles and then autotranslate but the translation is very raw that you can barely understand what she said what i get is, shes talking about IU, IU personality and talking bout iu friendship with inna yess same question also.. lets wait and see heres the link to Pizzamaru CF with English sub credit to owner
  18. yeaay another exiciting news this is really a good week for inna fans!!
  19. love how they in sync in their commercial really missing them working together again ctto
  20. Aaakh gorgeous!! Shes looking like snow white with this hair super love itt And how about veilment cf, shouldnt they have new content too?? Oh i hope so fingers crossed!!
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