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  1. After seeing this episode, I have so many theories floating in my head that it’s annoying. Maybe I should watch Kdramas only after they end. who is do do sol sol la la sol: - my first guess is that it’s Jun himself. I think in the first meeting something happened that he’s indebted to Rara and fell in live with her and that’s why he helped her back or - my second thought is that Harabojee is connected to either RaRa’s mom or the piano teacher. I wonder if the connection is through the lady that Harobojees wife worked for considering she played the piano as well or t
  2. He’s handsome but may be they are implying he was even younger than and hence difficult to recognise from the way he looks now.... not sure. And if she was a student then and was around 20-21 that would make Jun 15-16 sorry as @Rilabear mentioned it was Spring 2019. So not sure why Rara did not recognise him.
  3. @Just_Me Yes these pics! Also was watching episodes 1 to 12 till while waiting for tonight’s episode and realised this is the third time Jun took away Rara from Dr Cha - first was the head scratching incident then the movie and now the fake wedding. Also they mentioned a young girl visited the best friends memorial site. I wonder if she’s the cameo girl?
  4. Today’s spoiler is so cute <3 Also, There are pics on Instagram where RaRa is wearing the sailor themed outfit from Rara and Juns first meeting (same day as stalker’s first meeting) where there is a red piano in the background. The table has the watermelon juice and a cafe americano. I wonder if the coffee is Juns. I feel there’s much more detail to their first meeting which will explain why Jun fell for her. Waiting for that scene! Also I don’t understand why doesn’t Rara remember the meeting still!
  5. I hope Jun doesn’t fall sick after this whole build up of their story!
  6. I think where start up investors are concerned the point that the show is trying to show us that they can ask the right questions but it doesn’t take much to be not personal and not aggressive and keeping it as civil as possible. No one can force them to write the cheque and a No to invest is still a No whether they say it harshly or normally. the problem is that many (not all) start up investors take their own reputation too seriously and think of ventures as a badge against their own name and it’s a ego trip whether they were right or wrong with their judgements. what’s worse is so
  7. The girl on the swing is a metaphor for being creative and finding solutions that help people and don’t necessarily focus on money she’s a metaphor for qualities talking about the greater good about humanity and helping each other. She’s pretty much symbolic of the Pay it forward concept too. The father had these qualities and the fathers acquaintance thinks that the daughter would too. Injae so far hasn’t displayed that quality since she doesn’t seem to see the humanitarian side of job losses. Dal Mi did give Do San’s project a shot which spoke of welfare of the visually impaired. The writer
  8. also that they met at the juice place when RaRas wallet was stolen by the stalker makes sense because when Jun went to the stalker’s place he saw the student ID and reacted as if he was already aware of the stolen wallet incident. Now I wonder what happened exactly that day that made Jun fall for Rara. Hope we find out soon!!
  9. I think if he hadn’t met her first he would have been thankful to his friend as he met Rara because of him. But that hasn’t been shown. They have just indicated resistance to like her which seems like guilt . So yes he has met her before the Recital♥️ also about the keychain I wonder if RaRa gave it to him cos it tells other girls he’s taken it’s so obvious a girl bought it!!
  10. I agree with this theory too. It does seem to be Jun beside her. Moreover due to his friends memory being so important to him he wouldn’t be able to date his friends first love without guilt if he wouldn’t have met her first. And his expression when his friend shows Rara to him seems like he’s disappointed and shocked and he doesn’t know how to tell his friend that she’s his crush first. I do think Jun has been lending her money since then!
  11. Agree - I think he was looking at her cos it was love at first sight. But she was his friends crush. also I found it interesting that Jun chose Maths and English. He’s already decided what he wants to do. I’m not sure what it is but I think it’s some sort of ode to his friend. I would have thought of architecture and building hospitals but I can’t correlate that to his friend. Ha Young and Seun Gi are the best ♥️ im still curious about what happened to RaRa’s inheritance and why hasn’t the cheater been punished yet. Also, I hope they don’t go the t
  12. @mapleoaks5 I do hope it was all an act or advertisement shoot! I hope that it’s a happy ending and Jun also gets JuJu back for Rara or a new car ♥️
  13. Doesn’t exchanging rings mean they are married? so she ran away with Jun after she’s married to the doctor? Arghhh It’s so confusingggg. And why say yes to the doctor after a flat refusal earlier? Rara honestly was every clear earlier. does she feel indebted to him cos he’s Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol? Or is it all fake for a shoot or something? I just wanna scream like Juns mom now!! I also hope Jun isn’t sick. That will be horribly cruel to us who are watching!
  14. In Jae first pretending to be the girl on the swing (episode 1 clearly shows it was Dal Mi with the dad in the swing scene) and now pushing Dal Mi to a money oriented project which was opposite the dads acquaintance expectation was so underhanded. I was expecting a poised and graceful Injae this is disappointing as she’s now evidently the typical antagonist. I’m Team Nam Do San and JPY like by 51:49 percent , but Yes Nam Do San was irritating in the scene at Dal MI’s house and behaved out of character completely. I don’t know if that was the intention of the episode since brea
  15. It’s really disappointing that the senior (the dads acquaintance) supports In Jae as the girl in the sandbox logo cos she actually abandoned her father and his surname. It was not a simple choice to choose her mom. It was materialistically driven But from episode 6 I’m guessing that she repented her decision and that memory did mean something to her so it makes sense now! For Mr Han I feel that he’s not really attracted to So Dal Mi as of now. It’s more like a sentimental and emotional attachment to the concept of family, belonging and indebtness/guilt for the past. It’s also the history
  16. I think Jae min also has a little teacher crush ♥️ he’s just too too cute. The kid was one of the best scenes in the episode. His smile is awwwu. I’m so confused the series means to somehow categorise the male lead as an adult that’s why 19 and May be that makes the Korean age 20? Or is it that he’s running away from his family because he’s still a minor? I just hope they land up together, after this whole build up of their bond with each other it would be disappointing if they don’t
  17. I think he will be around 20, and he’s running till his 21st birthday. So the age gap is 4 years and their maturity levels kind of make up for that . But yeah it’s a weird twist at best. *eye roll *
  18. Would have loved seeing the ring shopping! From what I guess they were simple and classy 2mm platinum rings. ♥️
  19. Just wanted to know the couple rings scene. That is JYs new apartment? That is the Seoul skyline in the background right without Kyunghoo building thankfully?
  20. Unpopular opinion but I expected JK and HH to have an open ending. The scenes they had together, they were happiest with each other and there’s no other way for them. Also HH was the only one who can handle her, understand her and was hopelessly in love with her. Maybe that was a compensation from fate for losing her mom early. Also, I think JK changed after the passing away of the director and would improve for HH in the future. I think her actions were more bad than being a bad person. She was just too messed up to think straight. She was stubborn and She mixed up her professional
  21. The ending was just perfect♥️ Especially the couple rings scene. I think the reason CSA is the narrator is that like her senior at Kyunghyu said that she cares, she has a knack to understand people and she has been in a situation where she has been able to somehow reach people and have conversations with them on what they are feeling. She’s connected to all the characters, be it even HH and JK who are not her friends. She really can empathise beyond personal feelings with all characters. She is a part of the story and yet her capacity to empathise makes her a fair and objective obs
  22. The initial interview by the writer (if I remember correctly was linked by someone around page 24 of this forum) mentioned that the drama leads up to PJY’s birthday (assuming it’s translated correctly!). Even the initial poster is all 6 of the actors next to a piano and cake. If that’s correct and it’s PJYs birthday, the Moonlight Sonata will be a full circle from CSA to PYJs birthday and it would be perfect ♥️ Hope we get to see the happy ending we have been waiting for! Honestly seeing the writers love for parallels and a tendency to tie out all scenes in the drama I think it will be a happ
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