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  1. I just love PJWs character. He’s bf goals ♥️ He’s aggressive, almost geeky at times and cranky but his confidence and dedication is just superb. He’s like the definition of loving with all your heart. And I think he’s the opposite of many bfs in real life who are spineless, his mental strength is so unwavering. His character has work and relationship ethics. He sticks to his commitments and I liked the way he was so sure he did not want to date anyone else as it would be wrong to him and the other girl too . Looks wise JCW was always hot ;) but his acting in this series is like perfect and the range of emotions just wow. 


     Although controversial and considered toxic by many,  I like LEOs character because she was resilient and wanted to improve and she was brave enough to accept PJWs help. She did not let her introvert and timid self get the better of her and withdraw into a shell and push PJW away. She was willing to change. I think a lot of people have hurt other people and been in a bad space themselves but they don’t want to take the bull by it’s horns like she said she can now do with PJWs help. I think to cling on to hope it’s really necessary to accept help whether it’s from a partner, a friend, family or a counsellor. The willingness and action to improve are both important and she displayed that. Also I really do think she loved him. In the scene when she sees him at the building opening I felt she really was excited to see him and she wanted to go up to him and hug him and talk to him about all the arrangements she’s made. She just missed being with him and having him around and talking to him . It was more than just need or an attraction. Even when she searched for the ring in the water, the restaurant scene when she cried seeing him frustrated and how she touches his ring the love feels real.


    both the leads their acting is brilliant - the restaurant drunk scene, the car mirror break scene and now the terrace scene all were acted so so well. I like how the love, acceptance, nervousness, sense of relief all the mixed emotions are reflected when PJW sighs after kissing her in today’s episode and she also says that it feels like their first kiss. These three scenes I think both the actors forgot themselves and really lived as the characters during those moments...the emotions felt so palpable and real. 

    more than anything I love the series because despite the chaotic, crazy and technologically connected but socially and emotionally disconnected world that we live  which greatly hampers our relationships, they made it through. It gives everyone faith and hope. 

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  2. Is a preview for episode 16 posted? Please can someone share it?


    I just hope that the way they have tied out everything so well until now, when PJW and LEO get back together it’s captured well. It’s almost a perfectly written screenplay especially with many long scenes which have displayed depth, finesse and great acting. Hope that the ending does justice to the entire series so far. 

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  3. After today’s episode there are still a few questions left:

    - if the lock necklace has any significance. Vintage jewellery used lock and key as mementos when a couple loved each other but were forced to be apart. The key was kept by the man and the lock

    was with the woman. In this case PJW has the rings. It also symbolises ‘locked in love’ or commitment which might be why PJW bought it when they got married and were happy.

    - I wonder that why the house that PJW is building is mentioned so often.

    - And of course the Rini and her boyfriend need to face and resolve their personality clashes and the fact that she doesn’t want to get married at all. 
    - im not sure how the actor who plays the cop is caught up in the entire story either.

    - Will Rara and her husband make an appearance again? 
    - will PJW bash up the ex boyfriend

    - and of course who’s filming this? 

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  4. The LEO character arc felt so complete today. The build up to the duality between LEO and ESA seemed so complex and difficult to reconcile but the way they unravelled her character was so beautiful in its simplicity. Also I like the way everyone accepts her and doesn’t use terms like crazy, bi polar or imposter syndrome. They made her feel accepted. Also it validated her coping mechanism and made her feel loved and healed. Healed enough to give her strength to find her true self. 

    And PJWs arc was literally the best he went from obsessed psycho to being hopelessly in love to accepting and giving her space, freedom and truly listening to what she wants. It’s really selfless love. He truly behaved mature when it came to that crucial point. That’s why I feel that despite all the crankiness the character is truly has inner strength and that’s why he can love LEO despite it all. 
    but the most wonderful thing is the friendship between the three of them. It’s so pure and untouched, them waiting for LEO to return. It’s as if the kindergarten kids in them still love each other selflessly, innocently and with a pure heart - accepting and all giving. Truly precious and beautiful ♥️

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  5. *Please read after watching Episode 13*


    I wonder what happens next, will PJW and LEO they tell others the truth or spin stories? also I wonder if PJW saw the rings when he carried her to the car and later his room? Cant wait to see what happens next!


    in today’s episode during the car conversation PJW asks LEO how does she behave when she’s in love? Is he trying to tell LEO that though she copied/impersonated the real Seon Ah it was more about her appearance (hair, tattoos) but the way she behaved openly, candidly, did everything with all her heart and stopped saying no/being scared or apprehensive was actually her true self cause she was in love? That the disguise actually set her free to be herself? Also Is he trying to convince her that they were and are still in love? If so the writers are just wow ♥️

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  6. The last scene was because their wounded selves from the shoulder operation that made him incapable to pursue discus throw as a sport and the school/college girl who had to do odd jobs to manage her finances with no money, parents or family and who still sometimes couldn’t manage and had to accept charity from others felt saved. That wounded girl/ boy in each of them felt they came a full circle or to some sort of finish line where they now felt safe and rescued by each other. Life finally felt sort of complete in that moment, with their wounds healed and made sense because all their struggle still bought them to each other and finally they didn’t feel lonely while running through life. It was a mixed sense of belonging, security, freedom from their past and wounds and assurance of a companion. ♥️


    I loved the scene between Young Hwa and Dan Ah when he pats her to sleep. It addresses the loneliness and unwanted child in her. It gives her the security, comfort, warmth and love that her family has never given her.

    Also the scene when Young Hwa tells her that it’s his dream to not break up with her shows why an accomplished CEO like her would fall for him. He has the confidence to pursue her, despite her strong personality it’s he who gives her assurance and as an artist he has the emotional quotient to understand her loneliness, the struggle that she goes through and how difficult a life she leads. The struggle to fight for her place in society is a first world problem but it does hurt her every minute. Other people envy her status and don’t understand that the she can also have an issue or how unloved and lonely she is. They are also intimidated by her and think she’s cold and heartless. While he thinks that despite her ice Princess persona she has a heart after all which he managed to break through. She also said that when she likes something she loves it forever like basket ball and hence she still wears sports shoes. She knows that now that she’s fallen for Young Hwa it’s going to be a forever thing for her and he even addressed that in her by saying he doesn’t want to break up with her. I didn’t expect so much depth from the second couple but I’m really amazed at what the writers have managed and the acting has been spot on, the role of Dan Ha seems to be tailor made for the actress. 

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  7. So far liking this series, but I do think this is one series that’s pretty much not for everyone. LEO is a very misunderstood character. Also I do believe that she is meant to be with PJW.

    The reason is that she was in shock pretty much when she met him. Had literally no where to go, no boyfriend, no career basically no hope from any aspect of her future. And Seon ha was her escape mechanism. According to me she did not mean to cheat PJW and she was and is totally in love with him. Having said that the break up left her so weak and so unsure of herself that she couldn’t get herself to tell him the truth. She isn’t being inconsiderate to his feelings but she doesn’t have enough self confidence, self love or even self consideration to believe that he can love her normal self. It’s the break up that has left her that way. She’s scarred and to such an extent that the healing would take years. Before the break up, she might not have been the most spontaneous person but she was good at what she did and they said so that her resume and YSA’s resume was similar. She had some confidence in herself and she had hope to look forward to

    a future - a good job and a long term boyfriend. She might have not been as lively and likeable as the original YSA however she was not wallowed in self pity and low confidence like her broken from a break up self.


    why do they belong together - is because PJWs character is actually strong, self confident and he fell in love with her like crazy. He’s just one of those personalities that you will turn and look at when they enter a party. There’s something assuring, reliable, attractive and very confident about him. It’s really sad that he’s been so badly impacted by the break up with LEO. But even his post break up self - he has a innate strength and presence and doesn’t give up, even LEOs roommate said that he’s cool. It’s this innate strength that did not make him lash out and tell everyone the truth about her right away. He’s the only person who has the courage, strength and love in him to reconcile LEO’s two personalities, understand her hurt, accept her and support her through her healing journey. 

    Yes, It’s not his responsibility to heal her but it’s also true that she’s too lonely even with such good friends to heal by herself. We are all humans and as much as it is true that we need to heal ourselves, it’s also true that there are points in our life when we need a hand to get out of a pit. That can come in the form of any human and in her case it’s PJW. Call it destiny’s compensation for the intense pain it’s given her.

    hope this helps you all to see LEO in new light. 

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  8. Really liking Run On so far. This is the first time that I’m seeing any series with the focus on communication skills. It’s a new perspective and refreshing.

    Having said that it takes so much time to understand what’s a going on with sub titles and that’s also when the actors expressions and body language become important. Considering kdramas have a world audience especially during social distancing and Netflix promoting them since last year. I think the actors have done a really good job with the right expressions and body language.


    I read someone mentioning that the characters seem unreal, but I think in the millenial world despite so much technology communication is just that much more difficult and we do live in our own worlds irrespective of being introverts or extroverts. With so much to do and achieve I think many a times we are just not mindful of the way we communicate or if we are aware don’t have time to improve! 

    also each character has their own eccentricities and I do think all the people I interact with at work and my friends do have these characteristics that make them unique too. Each character is also scared to open up In their own way, which is also true for millenials and today’s world. So I actually do find these characters relatable and their inner turmoil regarding careers, choices, relationships, acceptance by other people and self worth true. 

    the only thing I find strange is that the relationship between both leads is slow and I wouldn’t expect this pace in real life. But maybe that’s purposely done by the writer. Because if they focused on the physical chemistry then the whole point of the focus on communication and clash of personalities would be lost. 

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  9. @B8lle @multiloverssss yes an epilogue would be perfect.


    also I did rewatch the last 4 episodes since when the show was going on the angst was too much and I was too irritated and fast forwarded through many scenes and i noticed that:


    RaRas phone message from Juns mom said the flight was delayed while Harabojee clearly says in the car that Jun couldn’t come back. So I think Harabojee knew more than Rara and Jun had been honest to him. 

    also the scene when Jun puts his head down on the piano and Rara comforts him using her piano teachers words there’s a sharp tunnel like light behind them signifying a touch and go/ near death experience situation (similar to the Itaewon class conversation with the dad). So I think at that point he really was on the verge of a comma or a clinically dead situation. But he eventually does cross back cause her words gave him strength at that crucial time pulled him back. After experiencing that near death experience no wonder he’s scared and wants to wait out the 5 year safe mark period. And even after all those years he’s 24 and she’s 29, young enough to enjoy the rest of their healthy happy lives. 

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  10. @JenL I think your second theory makes more sense to me. I think they did not plan to kill Jun. also the dressing the concerts the Eunpo setting have an old world and vintage charm that teases musicals and classical plays. Also the constant foreshadowing that Jun feels is a very Shakespearean reference.


    Why I think the story is about Juns recovery and coming back rather than a short life:

    The story is about hope and Juns life sort of played back in reverse at Eunpo, he literally built a house himself, experienced earning money, being independent, managing a house and Rara earlier and then went back to student life before falling sick. Before that, in Seoul He had a very lonely life that he absolutely abhorred. Although his parents loved him due to the generation gap he couldn’t really understand.

    I think while recovering from a serious disease it’s often will power that drives a person, if he did not have the experience at Eunpo he would have given up. He would have blamed himself for Jun HI’s accident and have thought that he deserved that fate. Eunpo taught him a feeling of belonging, security and family. More than anything it was home. The welcome song means welcome back home and that’s what Eunpo always stood for him. While recovering from a disease he would need the promise of how beautiful life could be which never occurred to him amidst his fragile mental state in Seoul. That promised future would get him through only if he tasted that slice of life once that he never experienced during his life in Seoul. It was just the mundane things that he would crave running after Rara on the beach, falling asleep next to Rara, cooking food for her, going for advice to Harabojee or suengi, having family meals at ajhumma’s house or the restaurant, baking cookies with Rara and Jaemin or hating Dr Cha but still being very confident that he could rely on him for help and advise. He missed a reliable friend and mentor in his life and Dr Cha was that person. Plants (as Harabojee points out) and pets also signify home and taking care of Mimi and the salad leaves was also shown. They also mentioned that something as basic as cycling with Rara on the bicycle at night was one of his best memories. Even the feeling of being married to Rara was teased with the weddingcrasher event. It was like an intense memory that reminded him when he did actually marry her he would get that happiest day back again. Also they did show Jun was very determined the way he worked hard and he also was determined at the airport when he was leaving. I think that’s why they kept the skin ship less too even after he becomes an adult around the time of the wedding crashing cos they wanted to reflect the relationship he has with Rara to be more deep than just attraction and love at first sight. 

    also going back to the Rupanzel reference the Princesses tears did cure the Prince and Rara still cried for him each day. I haven’t quite understood the constant fairy tale reference in Kdramas. Cinderella in Cindrella and the four knights, Alice In wonderland in the king eternal monarch and so on. 

    also the star reference as jun being dead and being a star in the sky did not make sense to me because I think it was more like Jun and Rara were each other’s guiding stars like the northern star, providing a sense of direction and guiding each other back home. Also that’s why in the title track a light house is shown which is also pretty much for the same purpose guiding ships back to land safely.

    and I think the shock of an ending explained by @JenL in scenario 2 makes sense because it was nothing short of a miracle him making it through driven basically by will power though his condition seemed to be deteriorating consistently. Also in the past Kdramas have shown shocking sad endings so this was maybe the writers last mocking of troupes by giving a shocking happy ending :P


    also the shocking ending has led to more attention for the show with today’s KBS posts and one post earlier seeming to reinstate that it was a happy ending. I really really wish that they had included some sort of epilogue in episode 16 with happy scenes of RaraJun rather than putting clarifying posts now :joy:

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  11. I think the format of the show is such that it would be perfect for a binge watch. I wonder if it was made that way since it was to be made available on Netflix. I think the 5 years skip would be less of a shock if a person was binge watching the series.


    Also, One of the first three kdramas I saw was Oh my Venus and the leukaemia trope is very similar to that series. The main character there too was a Chabeol who’s family owned a chain of hospitals and he had cancer, he was also self sacrificing and gets into an accident for a mentee/friend. There too the main lead comes back after a year and the FL waits no questions asked and is not ready to move on. I remember being absolutely shocked that the girl would be willing to wait with no certainty and no contact. So this shocked me less post that series since I realised the similarity earlier. Even Something in the Rain with the male lead coming back after like 2 years and then saying sorry did not sit well with me then. But I guess I’m just more immune to this troupe now. I think in real life the times we live in it’s more a out of sight out of mind culture now. Though I’m sure there are people who have gotten back together after a time but I see that less around me in real. 

    also most of us actually judge scripts for being true to the characters or the script. I think for me the character sketches are more important and I think all said and done, Do do sol sol la la sol was true to the characters.

    I think Jun as a character was a loner and an introvert. Even in school his friend was more popular than him and he had only one person he relied on and that was the same friend. That’s why he was so lost with Jun Hi passing away. it’s only Rara who broke through his walls and Harabojee. so him hiding the fact that he’s alive for 5 years especially with the safe period for leukaemia being 5 years makes sense. Also he was self sacrificing always, he was ready to let go of a crush on Rara for Jun Hi. Later as he falls in love with Rara and his world revolves around her, he would do anything for her and he wouldn’t want to rob her off the chance to move on. Rara also stayed true to her character and did not move on but lived each day as well as she could, also as she was still hopelessly in love with him it makes sense she accepted him back. I think the not moving on is because she’s like an old school thinker and her clothes and style are also very vintage chic. Also she was always clear about her feelings with Dr Cha and a sudden change in feelings would be opportunistic which again wouldn’t go with her character. 

    I wouldn’t go with the RaRas imagination theory because of:

    - Juns narration

    - the fact that they specified he’s not a ghost

    - and majorly because the episode 16 script clearly mentioned that ‘Long live Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ (Go Aras Insta post)


    I also would like to believe that Harabojee blessed him in some way and it was his good karma and he got through cos of that, since he was there during Harabojees lonely days after his wife passed away and they say that the prayers of old people and children are answered. 

    I do think that the ending could be a hundred times better. But some things are different from what we imagine but it’s right in the writers point of view and we should just take it with a pinch of salt. We should just move on thinking of it as a difference in view point rather than categorising it as right or wrong. Thats best for most things in real life too anyway.


    I think Go Ara as Rara was really brilliant a little bit more emotion and she would look fake and plastic and a little bit less and you wouldn’t find her characters influence to bring happiness to everyone convincing. I think Lee Jae Wook did absolute justice to his first main lead character. And I hope he gets good roles and gets to display his acting skills in the future too! Many of their scenes together were just full of a lot of prettiness and chemistry and just beautiful! 

    bye bye Jun and Rara - thank you for the lovely characters ♥️


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  12. The first meeting scene really seems to be the crux of the show with Go Ara highlighting it on her Insta and so much attention paid to the colours and the overall aesthetics. Rara is particularly well dressed and the white background plus red piano etc make for a bright eye catching ambience. They have tried their best to keep this scene under wraps also almost until the episode telecast.


    is it a cafe performance? Rara was a part of some event? And what was Jun doing there as a high schooler? I’m just not able to figure out the venue or the scene setting.


    I hope it lives up to the hype and Wednesday’s episode has less angst and more Jun and Rara awesomeness! 


    edited: and new stills by kbs show that they reunite at the same cafe! They are wearing matching outfits and the same outfits as when Rara is running past Juns car. Looks like the cafe is of particular significance and that’s why the first trailer also was at a cafe. (Though not the same one!). This time Rara is also having an Americano like Jun instead of her favourite juice!





    also on An unrelated note the photo of Jun in the hospital , other than Dr Cha and RaRa’s ex fiancé recognising  Jun . I wonder if it has any relevance? 

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  13. At this point I’m not sure they have enough time to show that Jun is sick. And parents conditions just wouldn’t sound convincing honestly. Either way I hope I had binged watched this one after it was over to find the story convincing because right now it all seems out of line and not justified.


      As of now they will be covering how they first met in episode 15 atleast which would be connected to DDSSLLS identity too. I’m hoping that they patch up atleast at the end of episode 15 so we have atleast an entire good episode 16. Instead of just second half of episode 16 being happy and their meeting again being too random and short.

    They have already covered a lot of happy couple scenes like the beach scene, baking scene, happy Eunpo family dinner scene and cooking for each other. Another wedding scene also might be unlikely so they are more likely to go down the second half of episode 16 route, but I think one entire happy episode after so much angst is necessary to justify the earlier happy episodes and the genre it started of with!


    (Considering the viewers reaction it’s quite likely that many people might tune in for episode 16 directly and skip episode 15. That’s why I think that KBS has so many posts on Insta today reminding everyone to tune in on Wednesday! I hope they provide some relief to the viewers!)

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  14. Spoiler

    There is a fan visit  pic from Nov 4th on Instagram that shows Jun shooting on a hospital set.

    - Either the date is misleading and this is from one of RaRa’s hospital stays - 3 so far! (Car accident, stalker incident, bike accident) and this is complete wrong. Or 

    - Jun is sick now. or

    - Jun decided to become a doctor (he had saved Harabojees life). 

    there is also another fan theory from Twitter that says Go Aras pic from 8th Nov at the airport points to a happy ending in Jeju . They finally took that cruise to Jeju! Go Ara said that she’s 99 percent like Rara. May be Go Ara is helping us reduce some anxiety!! :wow1:



    I’m too invested now to not watch episode 15 on Wednesday but any other drama I wouldn’t have! But yes the angst and anxiety has been extreme  and I’m not gonna watch an ongoing drama for a long time for sure!

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  15. Spoiler

    Apparently angst is still there in Episode 15 and the description reads as follows (Spoiler from Twitter):


    Episode 15 #Chopin Etude Op.10-3,'Tristesse' (a song of farewell) Lara reunites with Misuk Gong and is comforted by her sad heart.  Another secret of Jun, which Lara doesn't know yet, is gradually revealed, and the two break up..


    I guess we just have one happy episode then -16th


    there is also another spoiler with Jun in a black suit and different hair cut (likely time jump) and it seems like Eunpo (edit : pic now deleted!)


    and another one saying that in The IG update on Nov 6th Go Ara is wearing the diamond band ring in one pic with a red coat. It does legit looks like the same ring and it’s on the left hand ring finger.


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  16. Before the sad episodes happened as a run up to episode 12, I was rewatching the previous episodes and noticed the following :


    Jun seems to be Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol:

    -just before he runs to Eunpo he is thinking of Rara and if she will be okay.

    -as DDSSLLS he initially asks her if she ate and slept well and Rara says he’s such a nag which she tells Jun also later.

    -he stopped writing for a month with travelling for business as an excuse, so till the piano arrived there Were no messages.

    - when Rara mentioned on the arrival of the piano that there’s no message from DDSSLLS, Jun steps out of LaLa Land asks the people questions as an excuse and suddenly RaRa mentions that a message arrived as well.

    - Rara told DDSSLLS that she broke up with Jun and she wasn’t sure that if she will meet him again, Because of which Jun knew what she actually felt so he was more willing to wait post the letter break up?

    - on the day of the date the background song says ‘you are my star’ 

    - He did tell her that he is DDSSLLS driven by jealousy when she says Dr Cha is DDSSLLS and his expression is earnest when he says it. But Rara thinks hes joking and the topic gets over.

    - he keeps looking at the stars when he’s upset and he says he’s sending her the stars.

    - he played do do sol sol la la sol when he was upset after he understood that Dr Cha likes her after Dr Cha Played ‘I want you’ for Rara.

    - He always gets startled whenever Rara mentions about DDSSLLS.

    - I think Harabojee was supposed to meet RaRa on Juns request as DDSSLLS but that day he couldn’t. 

    another interesting thing I noticed is that he was not willing to drop the bouquet but suddenly something struck him when the person said that it’s a particular hotel and the bride is waiting for the bouquet after which he ran like a maniac. He seemed to remember that it’s RaRa’s wedding and probably saw the wedding invitation as his mom was invited? He later tells her that he was jealous of her early marriage. Also he went very close to Rara and it seemed like he wanted to have a closer look at her eyes? May be he was just besotted cos they were pretty or some other reason he goes very close to her?

    RaRas tiara fell down during the wedding. She was like a Princess and suddenly becomes poor and so it might be symbolic. The tiara is with Dr Cha and he will return it And maybe that will coincide with her getting Back Rara cosmetics too and return of her Princess days? May be her dad was cheated by someone and the fraudster is caught? RaRas knowledge of fashion and make up is good and maybe she can look after the company with Ha Yeoung (who also tells the secretary she has taken his place) with other professional help of course. She can then pay back her debts maybe by helping everyone also as she always said that she will pack back her borrowings confidently. She told her piano teacher that she can have other dreams and not to limit her to piano.

    Go Ara had mentioned that her character is like Rupanzel and there are a few references to the story:

    In Rupanzel the prince hears the princess singing from Her tower, while Jun hears Rara playing the piano. He needed closure and to say goodbye to his friend while Rara was saying goodbye to her father so it was shared consolation.

    rupanzel is named after salad leaves and Jun grew salad leaves and calls them ‘special’ instead of Rara. Rara also tells him not to leave her cause he has to take care of the salad leaves. Jun tells Ajhumma also that the salad leaves are precious to him. Dr also says he takes to much care of his salad leaves.
    also I think Rupanzel has some reference to the crown which is returned to her at the end and Rara drops her tiara. There is some version of Rupanzel where the Prince is sick and is healed by the princesses tears. Rara keeps crying all the time even when she’s happy to see Jun curing Juns loneliness? 

    the French version of the song twinkle twinkle little star is about a girl with a dog telling her mom that she fell in love. So DDSSLLS is as much about her father as it is about Rara falling in love with Jun? The KBS Insta page also mentions May everyone be someone’s star. Or may every Rara find her Jun?


    Jun struggles to earn money alone and Rara also told him that it’s difficult being poor. He goes for that event to earn money which is a Ponzi scheme. And of course he lends money to Rara and jokes that he wants to become a money lender. So maybe he will become a banker after his maths major and give loans and reach out to people who really need it and are deserving? Inclusive banking across classes and save people from loan sharks. Maybe he thought of this after Rara encouraged him to dream.

    he avoids wearing spectacles around Rara because it might remind her of their meeting at the cafe when her wallet was stolen which is linked to him being DDSSLLS. He is buying spectacles only with the other girl I think? Now that Rara saw him with glasses at the airport I think it will tease her memory about the cafe meet.
    He also did not expect Rara to come to Eunpo he just wanted to keep

    contact with her. But she comes and he also tells her thanks for coming to him during the confession.

    Jun tells her that learning the piano for 20 Years is an integral part of who she is and those memories define her. And she says the exact same thing about Juns memories. After all Who are we but the sum total of our memories? 


    Jun was always keen on a happy ending and is almost superstitious about sad ending and he’s worries about choosing the Pleasure of Love song and tells her that he takes it back, he feels sad about the I want you song when she tells him that it was one sided love for a women by the person who wrote it. He takes the cup cos he thinks it’s his and he desperately wants that happy ending with her. He calls himself her husband and is offended when she opposes the store person calling then newly weds. He is crazy jealous of Dr Cha on many occasions. On the beach also he tells her to think that she got married to him and of course he bought them rings later So Him now breaking up is very weird. Either Jun is sick or his father threatened him, his mom had mentioned that his father will teach Rara a lesson. Also there will be a time jump like Harabojees story. But Rara will be so miserable while waiting that’s not fairrr. I think they will be 23 and 28 when they meet again after his college. I wonder if there will be a cameo by someone playing her groom and Jun crashes her wedding again. She mentioned there was one classmate of hers who always stood first in piano competition. Or maybe her ex groom apologises and this time she runs? Also if there’s a song like Harabojee’s story I wonder what their song will be? DDSSLLS or maybe the beach happy one or the welcome song? 

    I wonder why he tells Rara that she doesn’t deserve a jerk like him and while did he stage the photos with the girl later he denied to Rara that the break up isn’t about that girl. Is he guilty again that Ji Hun also liked Rara and he doesn’t deserve her? Or he thinks that he will harm Her like he harmed Ji Hun? JiHun and Rara have similar personalities both are happy and confident and the only strength and warmth in his sad life. Why doesn’t he think he deserves to be happy? 

    also she And Ha Yeung are soul sisters their moms heard classical music while expecting. Rara loves her and keeps patience with her even when she’s angry and shows her attitude. Ha yeung protects Rara fiercely and was ready to catch Juns collar. The Ahjumma also mentions that they are like two peas in a pod. Their relationship is of typical elder and younger sister who might fight but can’t live without each other. And the younger sister is fiesty while the elder sister heard the single parent story and was sensitive to the ajhumma  and found the CD and is a mature support to her. They both were also told when they were kids that they should become Miss Korea. They were just meant to be sisters separated by city and backgrounds.

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  17. KBS post apologised to viewers who have been as sick as Rara and Jun. and talks about grandpas quote and a happy ending as per Insta translation. 

    @JenL yes I agree toyed with our feelings completely. Moreover being blackmailed by his parents seems so uncharacteristic of Jun considering he already has managed to live alone . And if he’s sick at this point of the drama is also not fair! And don’t call it a light hearted rom com then. This was way more stressful than a suspense or thriller or melo since that’s clearly not what we signed up for. And mainly it’s just not true to the storyline so far. 

    On a fun note if he’s gone to Stanford to study for 4 years is he gonna be back to take Rara away from another wedding! The I want you song from the hospital when Rara spoke about it she said that the lady who the song was written for had a ‘few’ weddings.

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  18. I just want a happy spoiler crumb. I checked Instagram fan pages and Go Ara’s page but can’t find any happy spoiler to hang out too. The only thing is that Lee Jae Wook and Go Ara both had posted the last day pics on 8th so am hoping they were shooting together and it was the last scene (though not necessary) and it’s a happy ending. 

    I am going with the theory of Jun being sick for now but it could also be the dad (but doesn’t sound convincing to me considering he’s stood up to his dad before by running away and he should know that Rara is In love with him and not LaLa land) and I don’t understand why did he say she doesn’t deserve to be with someone like him? 

    also it’s just so melodramatic that :

    - Harabojee definitely can guide Rara or tell her something she needs to know but he’s sick

    - the first meeting is still not revealed to Rara. So she’s still in the dark about that though she forgave him once already for hiding the meeting at her graduation and about his age.

    - if there’s a time jump and Jun comes back after a few years it’s so bad that Rara will be living in agony till then and all this just to basically cover the age gap o what? Clearly the way Rara is she won’t be able to move on and her suffering alone is so unfair. I wonder if she moves back to Seoul with her music teacher or stays back in Eunpo and has more people for support.


    also for the viewers who signed up for a rom com and stayed so far due to the fun element it’s been quite a few episodes of angst now and melo mode and if the happy ending just lasts like half of episode 16 it’s really gonna be so not fair :bawling:

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  19. I think he’s sick and he doesn’t want RaRa to go through heartbreak again after her dad and I think Rara did win over the mom with her maturity and the fact that they did break up and actually stay away for his studies and she did not meet him when he was a minor. 

    I wonder if the friend helped him getting tested hence the coffee drugging. Or maybe she did it on the moms instructions since Jun had been missing his medical tests. I don’t think the girl is a negative character just like the secretary wasn’t. Her reaction was not negative when Rara said no to break up she was almost pleasantly surprised with RaRas conviction. 

    Juns hospital family background is similar to So ji Sub in Oh my Venus and they had shown So ji Sub as sick and he did not want to be with Shin Min Ahs character when he was sick too. 

    Jun is Not scared to work hard or short of ideas to earn money. Neither is he scared of his parents as he already ran away before and he’s stubborn. He would take RaRa with him and run away if he had to. Breaking up for just the LaLa land building cos his parents helped him fund it doesn’t make sense at all. 

    Juns foreshadow on the beach  and from the bike scene I think after the movie is according to me from this point in time from the bridge where he also adds that he did not want Rara to remember but she did. I think he reminiscing because he still doesn’t know if he will recover. The beach scene except for the photo but when Rara is running on the sand doesn’t count for a happy scene for me this week the foreshadow ruined it for me plus when Jun hugs Rara before the kiss he’s kind of pensive not sure why.


    I’m so affected and in a bad mood almost teary eyed but not able to cry due to dry weather eyes, I’ve pretty much never experienced so much attachment to fictional characters and never cry during movies. I hope I manage to distract myself till next week. 

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  20. It’s gonna be a sad episode 15 also. I still think Jun is not well. He does look a bit pale in the car scene also.

    I think in their first meeting RaRa mentioned the twinkle twinkle little star incident and that’s why Jun is Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. I hope we still have a happy ending though it looks like it could  be a sad one now. If Jun is sick I hope he gets better. I really don’t like short intense love stories where one lead dies. I don’t understand the concept of beautiful while it lasted especially in an apparent happy show like this one. 


    I wonder when he passed out after the coffee the mom took him to the hospital for testing or something? I really do think that Jun would know that LaLa Land can’t be more precious to Rara than him. I’m almost sure now that he’s sick. 

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  21. The new stills are even worse. Jun walks past Rara and with that girl. Rara is wearing the same outfit as the pic with her piano teacher. So maybe her piano teacher will console her? 

    if I was in RaRas place would break the cup on Juns head by now and I wouldn’t listen to Mimi about no violence either :heartbreak:


    Im almost convinced now that he is sick and wants to drive Rara away hence is pretending with the other girl. why is his jacket weird and covering his hands completely in the cafe scene? 

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