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  1. Yejin white dress for smart looks so familiar... is it the same dress like APAN speech video? Was it Hyunbin who clapped for her?
  2. I’m really upset with APAN organizer. First, I can enter but cant hear any sound.. turns out i have to use earphone / turn the silent mode in order to watch with sound. Now, i cant re enter.. it says it is not the time yet sighhh there goes my wasted $10 oh well congrats HB and CLOY team!!!
  3. I dont know how to attach image from twitter so i just paste it here: "SYJ celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut. Through KBS's "연중 라이브" both to thank fans and to uncover #HyunBin ♡ #SonYejin's romantic relationship. KBS's "연중 라이브" which tells the story of HB x SYJ's romantic relationship, will air at 8:30 pm (kst) on the 15th + Omg!!! Dont want to expect anything but im so giddy...
  4. Im using google translate and this is the translation of the above article: Son Ye-jin celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut. While expressing gratitude to her fans, she announced that she will dig into the love of Hyunbin ♥ Son Yejin in KBS'Live All Year'. KBS'All Year Live', which contains the story of Hyunbin and Son Yejin's love affair, airs at 8:30 pm on the 15th. Hyun-bin and Son Ye-jin admitted to dating after the 14th dating rumor on the 1st. The two explained, "It's been 8 months since we met." After the filming of'Crash Landing on Love' was over, she develo
  5. I can hear a man’s voice in 2 videos posted. Can somebody please translate? im sorrry Yejinnnn... im not trying to be a detective iam beyond happy to see your post but I also miss Binnie... so happy just to imagine that Binnie was with you on your special day
  6. After reading other thread I feel the need to speak whats on my mind. I will post on this thread and the other thread as well. Im a binjin shipper since cloy and have known shk long ago from her drama autumn in my heart. Not shk fans but admire her work and beautiful face. I’m pretty sure many people are like me (binjin shipper, admire kyo). To me as binjin shipper, this confirmation is truly just an “Amen” to what we have been seeing these past 2 years. Do I feel happy? Of course!!! I have been smiling from ear to ear since yesterday. But even before the co
  7. Omggggg congrats BinJin Nation!!! I’m crying happy tears.. Looking back, all the synchronized posts, Ralph Laurent outfit for Baeksang, join CF, cake post were all big hints from them!!! I’m sure they have been lurking on this forum... so congratulations Bin Jin!!!! We are all happy for you!!!
  8. Why is it so hard to remain calm reading the word “bride” on her ig caption? Aigooo... she’s trolling us
  9. Hello... my first time posting but i have been reading this forum everyday from March 2020 =) anyway, im posting because i notice that SYJ is currently #1 on the AAA vote but HB is #3. If we want to see them together again, HB has to also be at #1. Can we vote more for HB?
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