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  1. I thought I was the only one that had this ever present fear.lol The majority of the ones I have observed seem to have wispy dreams of either Season 2’s for the favorites. Even those that were nostalgic for the screen couples being a real couples were simple in expressing that .But a few are downright scary. Those are ones that never miss a chance to bomb KGE or KGE/LMH comment threads online.
  2. Why should Lee Min Ho care or feel anything for that matter? Like you pointed out. She’s the ex of both men. Feelings would have to exist to pose a potential problem. No one has any evidence that either man still cares for her in a romantic way to any degree. She’s not a factor in their current lives outside of being an industry colleague. It’s clear they have moved on. Lastly, there’s nothing in either man’s history to suggest they’re anything but decent. So even if her name came up,they would handle it like gentlemen.
  3. It’s not her fault people misread a message that was not intended for them in the first place. She’s criticized on any given day by somebody online. Maybe she’s finally reached a point of having her every move constrained by the possible disapproval of others. You would think no one would find fault with her playing Yumi or her variety show. You would be wrong on both counts. She can’t win with some people, so why not do what she wants and how she wants to do it. I believe they have each other’s back in the way that’s important to them. And just because it’s not demonstrated publicly doesn’
  4. That may well be true about the increased suspicion. But the one thing that hasn’t changed, no matter what, is their right to choose if, when,how and even why,they reveal the nature of their relationship. Public suspicion and desire to know doesn’t supersede their right to privacy no matter how much or how little their various actions may have influenced how they’re viewed. The increased interest seems to be related with the approaching Birthday anniversary plus certain actions or activities. But there has also been in nonsensical articles on YT as well as certain online media claiming he’s re
  5. Agree.. why say 2 ILYs (I love you so much and I love you) when she could have just said Thank you or Thank you so much if she wanted to express her gratitude to her stylist? Those were her lines in Ep 16 after his declaration of “ I love you. I am deeply in love with you.”
  6. Not sure if this will help,but here goes: EP 16 Lee Gon: “l love you. I am deeply in love with you.” Jeong Tae Eul: “I love you too. I love you so much too.” I think she’s serving up her TKEM Lines.
  7. Food Truck? I’m wondering if they’re going to walk the Red Carpet together for their upcoming Premiers. I’m greedy ,so I want all three but I’ll settle for “Hero, and “Pachinko.”
  8. Once again I’m pleased and surprised that someone was impressed enough with my words that they wanted to share them. Thank you, T. McCain-Morales
  9. Thanks! You’re right she’s not worth it. I didn’t want to raise her profile any more than necessary. At first I thought perhaps I was imagining her bias or judging her unfairly. But after several vicious attacks on KGE’s looks and acting, I realized her animus was deep. I deleted my piece after getting a 20 characters warning. I wrote to separate pieces but they merged when I saved the second piece. I’m still not clear because the piece included a video which I also deleted.
  10. Alegre Guitars of Cebu City, Philippines. The pick guard was engraved with names and usernames/signatures of the members of KGE PH, with a mother of pearl inlay of the fandom name ‘ARJENIA’.
  11. https://www.linkpicture.com/view.php?img=LPic607e8a1947dc41573185976 Oops. I forgot.....I go by TMorales on YouTube.... Recently someone posted my YT words and neglected to mention or correct people who thought she had written the comment. I saw it purely by accident. It was also posted on IG but I don’t know if it was her doing. Anyway, thanks T.McCain-Morales aka MsMocha aka caravan2corea@mochamccain(Twitter & IG)
  12. I posted these comments on YT about 2 Wks ago. It struck a cord with someone and she posted it on Twitter. I was shocked and honored. I thought I’d share. They were made in response to LMH’s behavior during the press conference. The YT Video is by KDrama Oppa #kimgoeun#leemingo# “Why is Lee Min Ho staring at Kim Go Eun?” ”Is Lee Min Ho in Live with Kim Go Eun?” “He threw poor Do-hwan in as a cover. He knew full well that the very prim and proper KGE would not call him oppa in public. But it was fun for him to tease her. He’s even said he likes to be mischievou
  13. Perhaps this was never about awards but bringing people together on various levels. Others may see it differently but to me the first level was the bringing together of two actors who seemingly admired one another from afar. What they created and how they connected onscreen looked so real, it’s no wonder people’s imagination put them together in real life. Thus most of us believe they have connected personally in a way that from the outside looks almost magical. If possible affection between two celebrities has been displayed or played out in a similar fashion , I’m not familiar with it. It’s
  14. I’m sure many remember KGE’s IG post referencing the old television show Dawson’s Creek with an image of guy that played Dawson. The real Dawson Creek is in British Columbia,Canada....it’s a popular tourist destination because it’s beautiful outdoor scenery.....Northern Lights and great camping areas plus beautiful sunsets. We know she loves to travel and has been restricted by Covid. What if she’s already there or goes in enough time to meet quarantine rules before shooting wraps up......Yumi hasn’t started or even been fully cast. Maybe he’s free before whatever his next project is and
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