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  1. Just finished watching phone cleansing vids in MBCyoutubeChannel tho there's no eng translate I laughed whenever YooInna laugh lol and I'm glad she's happy...
  2. I didn't know inna and Jo se ho are close...I just discovered while watching this vid Surprisingly Jo seho said he and inna are friends...
  3. First of course visually she’s so pretty her skin is also to die for let us not forget the figure chingu's...men who upset her were all stupid...Her face was the first I notice when I first watch her in mylovefromthesky and no offense pls it's just my opinion that she's so pretty than the lead then after watching her from diff shows and seeing her in diff mag and endorsements I really like how she dressed even in casual clothes or shorts I find her very alluring like GY term...so it's visual first for me later on watching her from funding together and sundabang I see her as a dif person...I re
  4. I wish some1 could translate what they are talking about nevertheless I'm contented watching her laughing and looking so pretty...
  5. Omg YooInna with long black hair she looks pretty and more younger Guy's YooInna is Soo pretty with long black hair omg
  6. Guy's let's join this forum as official YooInna forum @sunnynotsunhee @RollyPenny @Reena@pitchicouple @lunita @louie_999 @miyoki
  7. Yoo inna,Yoon Jongshin and DinDin were selected as MCs for "Phone Cleansing..."MBC's "Phone Cleansing" is a variety talk show that manages a huge number of photos on mobile phones & guests will shares stories through the photo. also been reading some of your post for the past months since I decided to not post or share here...as for me in my opinion not sending food truck to yin tswlm is either they r really in relationship or they r not in good terms...if they r in a relationship he will not send food truck to avoid any speculation or rumors of course yin is very privy person we kno
  8. you gotta dig deeper for the bear sis lol...she's his princess,nowadays now that her hair is short with her milky white skin she really look like snow white...
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