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  1. 1st of all tQ captain for responding ..sorry for being too delulu.. seriously when I saw the scene made me think when the previous scene about the color of the scarf,KJK looked really upsetting (I do not know if you also noticed that) and then when KJK tells 'so much effort goes into knitting a scarf, You think about that person while you knit' then JSM seems to point to KJK that agrees with him and feels relieved because KJK understands..so, I don' t think JSM will make KJK upsetted or jealous after the scene earlier, by telling about the man she was interested in and the scarf that smelled l
  2. New member here ... can anyone make sure the scene in the classroom (at 53:18 ) when JSM tells about her still likes the scarf even it smelled like spit .. somehow I think the boy she told is KJK.. JSM : one cold winter day, a boy i was interested in took off his scarf and put it around my neck.. JSJ : did it smell like his cologne? JSM : no, it smelled like his spit,but i still like it.. LKS : he was someone who drooled? YSC : what kind of comment is that? KJK : he probably couldn't help but drool when he looked at u .. HAHA : that's right ,how was he supposed to close hi
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