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  1. Why is Ji Ran, the Dragon Lady, there? Did everyone forget she was super rude to Daero, Haeshim, Bora, and Ahri throughout the drama? Just because she re-discovered Han Jae Soo, the writers are trying to make her “nice” now? I still find her unlikable and insincere. She should marry Ahri’s dad. They can make each other miserable. Haha!
  2. Wow! Ahri's dad is a pathetic loser. The screaming and tantrum throwing, the physical and verbal assaults... how can anyone be around him?? He is by far the worst character on this show... and that's saying a lot considering there is Won Tae Weasel, Dragon Lady, Um PD and Junsoo's parents!
  3. Oh my goodness! Ahri’s dad needs anger management therapy. He’s so violent. Attacking Junsoo, now Daero. He’s psycho. And when Bora’s grandfather intervenes and has a high blood pressure attack, Ahri’s dad doesn’t even look concerned. He needs help!
  4. Another heartbreaking episode. Wow! Really impressed with Ahri, Junsoo, and Byeori's acting. Their portrayal of grief was very real. Such emotional scenes. I was appalled by Um PD's behavior when she bumped into Ahri at the elevator. Knowing Ahri just had a miscarriage, Um PD's smile and happy smirk was just evil. Made me sick. She is just an awful person. So very sad that Ahri didn't feel like she could go home to her parents to find comfort. Such a sad episode.
  5. How could the writers do this? What a heartbreaking scene at the hospital. Ahri’s crying was devastating to watch. But when Junsoo started sobbing too... it was too much.
  6. I hate Ahri's father. He is a selfish RickRoll'D. He has a lot of nerve yelling at his father-in-law. It's time for Hae Shim to stand up to him and tell him to stop being such an angry jerk!
  7. I don't know what it is but I still find Granny Man/Byeori's dad annoying. I can't find myself pitying him when he's become a burden to so many people around him. Also, I sure hope that if he ends up with Won Tae Weasel's wife, they don't think about taking in Byeori. Imagine her as Byeori's stepmom. I'm sure that won't happen but imagine if it did. Ugh...
  8. If anyone can win over Junsoo’s annoying parents, it’s definitely Byeori. She will soften their hearts. Why are all of the father figures in this drama so awful? Won Tae Weasel, Ahri’s dad (although he’s been tolerable these days), Granny Man. New title for this show should be “No Matter What My Dad is a Jerk”. Haha...
  9. I loved the interaction with Hae Shim and AR. Very touching. Now that's a parent... unlike AR's stupid bio father. Also, wasn't Won Tae Weasel suspected of embezzling money from the company? Why would Evil Granny CEO think about putting him in the CEO position? What's that all about?? Granny Man has been nothing but a nuisance and a burden to everyone. I wish he would just go back to the mountains. Haha!
  10. Is it just me? But does anyone notice how rude Granny Man is to everyone who asks questions about him/her. He was so rude to Junsoo. He even kept asking Byeori to choose between him/her and Junsoo. Byeori was mature in her responses. What’s his problem? And did anyone notice when that gangster guy attacked DaeRo, Granny Man just grabbed the will and took off. What about his son?
  11. I agree. No father would be proud of the way Ahri got pregnant. But watching him speak and treat Bora so lovingly with sweet adoration and compassion during her “difficult” time while his own biological daughter is being treated like poop from almost everyone around her makes me sick. It’s time for him to be a father and a man and stop dwelling.
  12. I know. That scene was such a slap to Ahri especially when Ahri’s dad said it’s been a while since they sat down and had a meal together with Bora. Uhhh, what about Ahri? When is the last time you had a meal with your pregnant daughter?? He’s such a jerk of a father. He doesn’t deserve the title of father to Ahri. Love the Junsoo, Ahri, Byeori trio.
  13. Love Ahri, Junsoo, Byeori, Haeshim, Secretary Kim. Despise Won Tae Weasel, Weasel's wife, Um PD Witch, CEO Granny, Ahri's dad, Junsoo's parents. Annoyed by Bora, Granny Man, Dae Ro. This pretty much sums up how I feel when these characters come on screen. Looks like they're trying to redeem Bora's ridiculous behavior. What is up with Junsoo's mother? Why is so rude? Every time this woman opens her mouth, she just insults Ahri and her supposed best friend for 30 years. With friends like her, who needs enemies?
  14. Ahri’s dad is unbelievable. No phone call... not even a Happy Birthday to his daughter on her birthday. At least she has Junsoo, Byeori, and Haeshim who genuinely care for her.
  15. Did I interpret the last scene with Hae Shim and Ahri's dad correctly? When Hae Shim told Ahri's dad that Ahri called off the wedding, why did Ahri's dad look surprised... almost disappointed. Is his Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality change coming out again? I really like Ahri. She seems like a really nice person over all. She is the only person aside from Byeori who truly thinks of others besides her own self. Everyone on this show besides those two only have their own interests in mind.
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