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  1. Happy 2021. Hope Soo Ae to comeback soon
  2. Me too I don't have prob with other actress but just sad that we can't see soo ae ASAP. I am not even surprise if she change agency next year •.• Yeah maybe soo ae have schedule early next year
  3. Why? I guess it is about that drama news?
  4. Yeah:( tae oh also drop the drama, so the problem is from production team I guess. Some said they will start the production on oct but until today it did not happen
  5. Her agency also wishing her on sept 16. So july 25 is her lunar bday? I don't have any ideas about lunar bday Since I am new fan of her and want to see her come back ASAP, will accept whoever her co-star is hehe. Also really hoping she will got cast for remarried empress if ever they make it to drama
  6. Anyone could tell me when is soo ae b'day? Why I found 2 dates?
  7. Yup It was in her latest interview. She learn ballet n got injury
  8. Hi everyone newbie here glad to find a place that talk about su ae unnie I know I am super duper late to discover her T.T I read somewhere that she is injury her knee T.T
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