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  1. Hello HyunJi shippers! It’s been a while since I last login to this thread. Good to be back though! Anyway, just want to share the fan fiction that I wrote for HyunJi. I also dedicate the work to all HyunJis. If you have time to check and read, here’s the link... https://archiveofourown.org/works/28914234
  2. https://www.bustle.com/life/zodiac-signs-aries-most-likely-marry-astrologer I feel like the astrologer is a HyunJi fan too! this is a good read and hopefully a clear testament for HyunJi endgame.
  3. Hi all HyunJi shippers and fans! Just want to share a fan fiction I’ve written in AO3. Due to stress with the AAA and APAN voting I ended up writing the fan fic! please note the fan fic is still on going and involves mature adult (sexual content) so if you’re not into those types of fictions don’t read it. https://archiveofourown.org/works/27273733/chapters/66633775
  4. Same thoughts with you @Private10 & @denira2104 also glad she deactivated her IG. Otherwise haters and antis will definitely not stop bugging and flooding her with malicious comments especially after the success of IOTNBO and her rising popularity. Even if all Yeyes and HyunJi shippers are ready to defend her, I guess it’s better this way, having everything about SYJ all under the radar! I’m happy that GM and most likely KSH are doing their best to keep her protected and away from all those hates. Her well being and happiness is clearly a top priority for him! I guess that’s how love work
  5. @denira2104 My gut feeling is really strong that they’re together on that certain day doing the voice greeting (or perhaps most of the days they don’t have work they’re also spending it together haha & just thinking about it makes my heart flutter) @Private10 @szne09 pretty much SYJ being so sweet & thoughtful came up with that idea so the BF just need to follow hence surprising senior Kim Changwan for KSH to do it. (The power of love that makes you do things you don’t normally do!) @firebabe oh how I love that magic 8 ball’s response to the two questions, it validates our delulu mind
  6. I wonder what are the chances of KSH & SYJ doing their voice messages for Kim Changwan while they are together at the same time and place??? Like being together at GM office then decided to do the voice greeting!!! Haha ( this is just me thinking and being delulu!)
  7. KSH & SYJ look like babies in those selcas and not like in their 30’s! Imagine the genes they’ll pass on to their kids someday! and I hope SooHyun’s post today is him going on a date with his special someone! my HyunJi heart is melting and my delulu mind can’t stop thinking of their possible romantic getaway during this Chuseok holiday!
  8. my personal thoughts with regards to their timeline... this is how far my delulu mind is taking me right now! anyway, I feel like after the pudding cf in 2014, they become simply acquainted with each other, then probably after a while as normal friends who can call or text each other. No rumours about them coz I have a feeling that they never made an attempt to meet in public. Besides both are very private persons so perhaps all their meet ups are under the radar & with utmost secrecy! What if KSH made a move with SYJ just before he enlist in the army back in 2017? then asked her to wait
  9. I’ve been reading this thread for a while now and decided to sign up so I can make comments too and be involve in this amazing HyunJi ship/fandom that grows bigger in numbers day after day. Many fans continue to fall in love with them and I feel lucky to be one! Looking forward for more exciting moments for our HyunJi hearts!
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