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  1. Crystal Yuan is being so much more thoughtful about how to navigate all of this, at least her PR team. She says she is appreciative of the opportunity that her character gave her in life, she is grateful and going to be selecting future parts she is passionate about, she's being appropriate with her fans/audiences....She's not hiding after what happened. She's communicating with her fans. She's rocking it! I hope she gets some endorsements too!
  2. No....the story line for Promise of Chang'An is terrible and a repeat! This is what I'm saying, he needs to think more with his newfound fame and actually pick some good stories...instead of working his butt off and being abused by this agency.
  3. I don't know much about Chinese cinema either, don't usually think too much about this type of stuff about fans. However, I think in this experience, I learned actually a lot more about Chinese actors on a deeper level, like what they go through, their lack of basic rights. Also the power of agencies and like ownership of their actors - How invasive is it for agencies to regulate their actors to that degree? I also learned about concept of a CP, and reflects on what love/couples mean in Chinese culture....and why there may be such a strong urge to fight for CPs or tear up CPs, etc etc. What do
  4. 1. I hope in a country with so many regulations & power struggles, fans can speak up and help promote some change, for Cheng Yi and Crystal Yuan, as well as other actors, in situations like this.. for more fundamental rights as actors. Agencies should not have this much power over their actors to tell them how to act...not in a post performance show and not in life. I actually think fans have the power to do that, to promote more change. So keep posting your feelings, not just on here, but in all media content related to this show, to bring awareness, dialogue/discussion, and CHANGE!
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