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  1. @eLizzaYes ..You are right, I also don't believe it right away just if the news is true this is really unfair. But still I'm angry n sad like you. And Talking about the idol fanbase We are very far from them, they are really great if they biased got nominate maybe because all almost they are still young LoL, this is my experience almost or more than 9 yrs already ..
  2. Yes ...And also From what I heard yesterday because the hearts that people's collect in the idol app can be transferred to the celeb app, really unfair .. however we can still keep HyunBin in 3rd place (among idols) I think we still can do ours best ..Fighting In the last minute yesterday I used 12000 my ever heart (besides my daily heart) but still look like we cannot reach ..ahh so frustrating.. This is what I did yesterday so frustrating.. without rest I just look into my cellphone it feels like voting tik tok ...my heart my soul my mind feeling like not be
  3. @MASTERPIECEHave you downloaded the application Choeaedol for celeb ( Because there are 2 same apps, one for idols and one for actors or actress) or DM me After u installed the Choeaedol celeb fill the recomendate blank with seobeecow, use only daily heart for vote (dont spend your ever heart yet)
  4. @Maggie Ruff Thank you, Oh really we are friends. Thank you if anything I don't understand I'll ask you. For voting like this I have followed and participated every chance my celeb get nominate for this year all my votes go for BinJin only (I usually share my vote to Inguk too , to be fair kekeke lol ) . I want we all make another's history again like Tik Tok . Can we do that again ???
  5. Good morning from my place, I'm new member here , I'm sorry I was become silent a reader from almost 8 month . Thank you to all the Binjin members who are always loyal because of you I can go through my hardest times. (It's not that I don't have time to greet you, it's because I was grieving at the time) Which in 6 months I have lost 3 people I love in my life, my child, my mother, and my in-laws but because of you I can pass my day . This is the first time I greet you guys ( I'm always come here everyday Everytime just want to read about BinJin, you guys was so amazing so brilliant) I real
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