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  1. Merry christmas to my loves, BINJIN and to the whole binjin fam.. happy birthday jesus Happy and proud to be part of this fandom .. let's all celebrate the Christmas with love, happiness and positivity
  2. HJM and yejin worked with HB twice but what is the difference between them? HB wished to work with yejin again.. breathing the same air and being in the same space looking in the eyes.. he is very vocal on that plus they have grocery shopping in LA.. so many good words from hb for yejin in esquire 2019 interview.. I notice the interviewer in esquire 2020 interview she/he wants hb to spill something
  3. Looking forward to his esquire magazine interview but while waiting let's have a throwback interview from esquire magazine 2019.. this is from last year.. "ITS HAPPIER TO THINK THE FUTURE THAN THE PAST" HE PREFER THE FUTURE THAN THE PAST and those words are from HB himself not from anyone else...HB is living in the present.. if he is talking or catching up with someone from his past for sure his answer is different ... it's clear as SKY
  4. Pardon me for posting this but this cover magazine reminds of HB esquire magazine cover what's the big deal on a glass of water why photographers always using it in photoshoots.. just like in yejin's photoshoot. Almost the same
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