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  1. One of many coincidence of binjin Vogue words award in JAPAN.. as usual binnie talks about CLOY
  2. These antis are making hb ungrateful for fans... shame shame shame! You guys don't know how grateful hb to his fans solo stans or shippers for winning popularity award.. you are putting words in hb's mouth.. just because you don't want to see him in stage with yejin and you don't vote for him doesn't mean he's not happy with popularity awards. You guys are bitter and insecure... so scared to see binjin interaction again..
  3. So the antis are scared to see binjin together that's why they don't vote for hb in the three app ( it's expected tho ) hahahahahaha LOL ... It's clear that they only support their bias and they love hb because they think hb is inlove with her hahahahahahaha seriously i can't stop laughing.. whatever award it is a popularity or whatever.. the fact that fans give their effort to win the award is gold and hb will surely be proud and happy.. only bitter antis won't coz of their insecurities 51st award that's so sexy I'm sure yejin is happy and proud for all your efforts santokkies and bin
  4. Binjin supporters are very generous! and congratulations to all the supporters who voted for binjin in AAA, seenz and in idol app you are indeed a supporters you are all amazing and for those people who claim they love and support binnie but don't support him in voting... It's clear that you only want him for your fantasy.. it's a one sided love.. don't use him to fulfill your fantasy because according to him the future is happier.. he don't want to go back to the past..
  5. In that in interview of SYA you will see how close they are..she's one of yejin best friend and her like in binjin photo says a lot.. I'm sure SYA won't do that if her OTHER friend is in a relationship with hb ( if you know what i mean ) It's not that she likes the photo of hb but she likes binjin picture with that caption it means she's agree... Do we need more? From coffee to beer hahaha these two
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