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  1. So today is Day 1 for Pachinko production. I'm trying my hardest not to check on IG every 5 minutes to see if there's any news or post from LMH... Omg it's as though my real-life has come to a standstill LOL! Pyeha must be very busy & won't have time to post, so I don't want to get my hopes up. We shall carry on as normal with our own stuff chingus! The one person who's gonna miss him the most will be our lovely KGE...
  2. Both our King & Queen on the top spot today https://www.instagram.com/p/CGxWncupDyB/?igshid=7l645npbemgc
  3. It's amazing that this one couple makes us all here feel similar emotions. Yesterday I felt like u guys did, a bit sad somehow when LMH didn't post on IG. Our shipping days had been so full of surprises up until the recently... And news of Pachinko came up (which I've finally ordered the book! So not read it yet. No spoilers please!). I did also wonder if KGE's missing her usual spark in her latest IG photos... I guess we just have to get used to the fact they've gotta move on to their next projects and LMH is probably just very busy lately. Hopefully he'll do that soon and it woul
  4. Ditto. I can't even bear thinking about watching either LMH or KGE kissing anyone else, nevermind a s*x scene. At the moment, I can't even make myself revisit any of their previous dramas cos I don't want to see their kiss scenes with other actors/actress! Think I'm going crazy I really miss seeing our Pyeha's blurry late night walkies photos. @masunni definitely hyper today lol. Thank you for trying to share the book with us all. The mod's done the right thing though, so you don't get into trouble. I'm gonna order the book!
  5. Read @masunni spoiler at 3am last night as watching some of TKEM (again) at crazy hours. Been trying to process it in my head since then. Now our queen posted just when i'm about to go to work I'm counting on you guys to find out what does hee dong mean???!! Ah I think everyone's quiet cos they've run out of crumbs to feed on lol Where's our King.....
  6. LOL! Now that I've seen this repetitive clip. I can see she's totally imitating him. Ahhh they're so funny and cute. All the little things they do, to tell us that they're in love . Bet LMH would have burst out laughing too when he saw the bts. It's been very quiet indeed chingus. The weekend is near. Let's hope our couple can share a teeny weeny bit of their moments with us all. Love them so much. They "come in and out of my heart. But it's so tight it feels like it's going to burst!". One of my favourite Lee Gon's line!
  7. Wow @masunni, I am amazed that you've read the book and found out so much info about filming dates etc! I want to say thank you That's some impressive investigative work! True, 4 months of filming in Canada could mean very challenging time for the couple. But I think there could be some very positive posibilities too? KGE could go for a holiday there and to spend time with him? They both like travelling and love nature. Canada is like the perfect place for that! Being able to go places without being chased or hounded by papz would just be amazing for them. I don't know about both their filmin
  8. Wow, news about LMH new project sounds epic!! This is my point of view. When LMH finished his national service and returned to acting, he was highly criticized for choosing TKEM as his next project. Many even said they were disappointed that he chose yet another role which he plays a desirable man with high status, good looking etc. I can see why there were such criticism. LMH had played perfect roles for many years and whether he liked it or not, many of his roles really focused on his good looks. I think he did try and break the stereotype a bit through TKEM because the storyline is so amazi
  9. She's posted again and there are a few comments from WDH and Demi. I can't understand what they said. Translation anyone??! Ah, I kinda wish WDH and Demi are together too. They would look real cute. Also, I bet LMH wish he's doing the 'Ghost' scene with KGE, playing with clay
  10. I used Tachyon. Similarly to u, I was a bit clueless. I realised that Tachyon is supported by iOS or Android. But my laptop isn't either of those. So I just downloaded & installed it on my Android phone. All you need to do then is open it, choose Republic of Korea server and turn 'On' to connect. Then, you literally just go on to youtube as you normally would. Search for Samsung Korea channel and the film should be there. Hope this helps!
  11. Watched it at last! What a beautiful film which clearly doesn't need a huge deal to produce but allows Kim Joo Hun and Kim Go Eun's acting ability shine through. I could really feel the emotions. Sadness, loneliness and happiness. It depicts wonderfully how a lot of us feel during this pandemic. Our queen is a real talent. It's amazing to see that she's not afraid to try new things and choose the roles she wants to play. Wonder what Min Ho ssi thinks!!!
  12. Ah rather annoyed that I'm busy with my normal life at the minute. But still want to sneak into delulu mode LMH looks dashing in the new Lazada campaign. So, 1) Lazada 11.11? Of all numbers to use, Lazada chose that number. They must be shippers too! 2) Photos of LMH pointing at mobile. No doubt, a Samsung! Which is what Untact is totally promoting. Probably not LMH dropping hint but hey ho. I've downloaded Tachyon, but not tested it out. Hope I won't miss Untact tmrw! Will vote for both our King & Queen on AAA as soon as i can. Please keep the updates coming in g
  13. Panic. I've been a bit busy and still not 100% about where and when to watch Untact?! So it's on the 16th right. So do I need to download a VPN?? I'm in the UK. Would appreciate some info. Thanks in advance. Ps: I don't seem to have seen any instruction in the Internet for international viewing of the short film...
  14. Lol I woke up this morning & first thing I saw was a lot of soompi notifications. I knew then, one of them must have posted again! Honestly u guys make me so giddy. Today's my little girl's bday and I'm not sure what I'm more excited about. I pray those are couple shoes (since LMH last friend's photo was a specific shot of shoes?!). Tho, my concern is that both LMH and KGE do often wear New Balance. Do I need to find time today to look at their photos to see if they've already worn these ones before?!
  15. @Ms.sunshine Always a pleasure to share new findings! But hey, now your day is EVEN BETTER! Posts from our King & Queen. I refuse to believe this is coincidence anymore. No way. I think our couple is in love and they're trying to tell the world about it! Ah feel so lucky that they're sharing a bit of their lives with us all
  16. Good morning chingus! I just want to share this very clever & cute fan vid with you all. Hope it puts a smile on your faces like it does to me. Happy Friday lovelies https://www.instagram.com/p/CGCJyR6JG04/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  17. @Onlyforlove Sad to hear you've come across those nasty web trolls! Try not to waste your time with them. They're not worth it. Glad I'm not into Twitter, I just never got the hang of it. I'm just between instagram and this forum. Love it here cos it's just all you positive, supportive people who talks sense!
  18. @Katherine mae Neri Exactly. Any word from him in support of Untact will send all shippers wild lol, or even just a 'Like', we'll be content Btw, it's so good to see that even minoz_moonshine is loving TKEM couple moments. What I've noticed is, even though minoz_moonshine is a long time massive LMH fan, she never posted many photos of LMH with co-star or with other female kstars. But now it's looking like she's giving her support too. Awesome! https://www.instagram.com/p/CGEiGqzgOyM/?hl=en
  19. Very much looking forward to Untact, KGE will be amazing in it! I have a sudden thought. During the build-up to release of Untact, I wonder what will Pyeha do: 1) Stay very quiet on IG, so he doesn't rob the attention off KGE. 2) Post something on IG in support of Untact. (This will just send me to heaven!!!). I probably shouldn't have mention the above, for fear of dissapoinment lol.. But omg, we shall see! Let's hope LMH makes an unexpected move. I dare you Pyeha!
  20. I had the same suspicion. Although the female looked like it could be KGE, after looking at the side face profile of the male, I really don't think that's LMH. At first I really thought it could be him, the way he touched his hair and sit with legs crossed. But hmmm.. side of face tells me nope, not him
  21. I think I'm going to get face cramps today from too much smiling! Omg, after LMH posted, I said if KGE post as well then it means it's totally official. And she did!! I can't believe i. Think I'm gonna cry All I can think about is TKEM ep.5. After all the electrifying chemistry they shared, they finally admit they're smitten with each other after that kiss. I love the fact that our King looked so happy/playful in the latest photos he posted. He looked like he's bouncing around like a man in love!! The 5th is definitely a special date!
  22. Yay, at last! I was starting to go grey waiting for crumbs lol. Omg, again, BLURRY photos! If KGE post anything, I would say, that's it, it's official. But, even if she doesn't, let's hope none of LMHs buddies like CDB post anything!!
  23. The burden of being a Korean celebrity is huge. These stars have mega obsessive fans who think they have a say on whatever the kstars do. Every step LMH and KGE take has to be thought through. Imagine suicidal fans/death threats. However, I'm really hoping our King & Queen will choose to brave it when time's right. Korean entertainment is gradually getting massive in the west so they're well exposed now with additional support internationally. They both seem to love travelling and somehow with that, I hope they're more "open-minded"...if that makes any sense. Our ship is sailin
  24. Annyeonghaseyo shippers! Hope everyone's well. I've just been quietly shipping (and lurking)...Before I got obsessed with our King and Queen, I never used IG or Twitter lol, so I'm learning. Can I just say how glad and proud I am with everyone who's patiently waiting for crumbs. Totally agree that we must give them time and space. No pestering, no hassling. I sincerely hope they know how many millions of supporters are encouraging them to go for it! For now, I'm just happily re-watching TKEM for the umphteen time....and dreamily wonder why this kiss wasn't in the final product. Perhaps the dir
  25. 1) No denial from both parties. 2) Still posting random late night walkies. 3) KGE looking like she's absolutely glowing in all recent photos. The power of LURVE 4) Have u all seen the Untact promo interview where the director said it's his first time making a love story film.So he's learning a lot from KGE. And our queen blushed and giggled. Ah... Happy Days...
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