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  1. @Kdramatic Wish you the very best of luck! Very excited for you and all LMH fans in Canada! Let's hope the quarantine period means we'll get some contents from our King. It looks like shin_kiroo might be travelling with him, it's very likely, a movielog is in the making. As our our couple.....all I can think about is - Absence makes the heart grows fonder (and wilder). Fighting!!
  2. Either LMH's been very well fed lately or these photos been over-photoshopped lol...I actually think they look kinda odd. Still a very handsome LMH tho of course
  3. Annyeong chingus! To those who love TKEM fanfics, if you haven't already read My Beautiful Fate by iamkhaye78, please do read it! Be prepared to be completely, utterly hooked on it because it is an amazing read! My Beautiful Fate... - iamkhaye78 - Wattpad A tour of the Apgujeung Rabbit Tunnel leading to Han River! Love the graffitis. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLks76apQry/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link This is kinda irrelevant but I think my real life is starting to play tricks on me. Yesterday, my next door neighbour's white rabbit had gone missing, so I went
  4. Omo.... Minho si, your white rabbit is no longer hiding from you! Yet, you're chasing it non-stop Bless your beautiful heart.... Ah I love you, king and queen!!!
  5. Yep, I think the 'blue sofa' theory might be a bit too far-fetch. But those photos on the wall, definitely bingo! Hehe I hope KGE love all LMH's cryptic clues. Very clever and too cuteeee
  6. Hahaha so I wasn't overly delusional the first time I shared the post about number plate 222! Aigooo..... My heart is melting. I kept thinking Pyeha, what on earth are you playing at? This cannot be 'just another coincidence'! It is called "LMH's giddiness" For me, LMH and KGE is Lee Gon and Jeung Tae Eul in real life! He is obviously very very meticulous and plan his every move. We can really see why he's so interested in film-making and he's also making very good use of his fame to bring up other lesser known artists especially music artists. Our queen on the other hand is the "L
  7. Hi all, I have no big crumbs to share with everyone apart from... JEC is definitely in Canada now according to her latest IG post. So maybe it's very likely that LMH is also already in Canada too. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLTN33epap7/?igshid=ki6h23na2hc LMH number 1 in one of the most recent polls Kdrama champion!! He's indeed the King! https://www.instagram.com/p/CLVJpZMps_Z/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  8. Hey chingus! Just thought I should share this. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLMqQQPJsPE_ucdTcaVu-CtdL9A2YljBdj-pUs0/?igshid=1prd0lxbypyrp I don't know how reliable the source is but apparently AndZ Official had reposted from a LeeEul shipper account, on their IGS. Very puzzling... Why would AndZ repost a shipper post??
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLJxdhXpkUY/?igshid=181260mqvmff8 Missing our couple so so much.. I wonder what they're doing to celebrate the new year. Hope they get to spend it with their loved ones and each other Happy New Year to all Chinese/Korean Mineun shippers too. May the year of the Ox bring us all the strength to get over this pandemic. Stay healthy everyone
  10. Hi @Miadee, you're probably right my dear. I agree with @Lara2020, we'll just take it as a coincidence and have a giggle hehe. I'm amazed by how many eagle eye shippers out there who spot all these things. It was just so funny that LMH said he's been doing a lot of editing but didn't bother to blur out car number plate Maybe it's not his car hence he doesn't think it's necessary. Whichever it is, is ok, we're still smiling like idiots
  11. Hi @Yoyoyo That's exactly what I was thinking! If Mindbridge and ANDZ are under the same umbrella, then we will definitely have couple shots to look forward to But regardless of that, yes, I was super surprised to see LMH working with ANDZ, considering JHI was modelling for them before. It's as if Pyeha had jumped on the opportunity to be linked to Queen lolNo offense to JHI ssi, who's a very very good looking man, but LMH photos really smashed it. Just checked out LMH's YT upload today! Another beautiful video. LSG is so talented. My immediate thought after watching it? If you ca
  12. Missing our couple more than ever. LMH's latest endorsement (AND Z) was very surprising to me. So I was wondering if anyone here knows how big AND Z is as a clothing brand in SK? @Yoyoyo? I don't suppose it has any connection with Mindbridge? Ah.... How I wish our couple model for the same brand, cos that'll mean a definite chance of seeing them in one framei know that's just wishful thinking. LMH looked so unbelievably handsome in the photos. And to see how matching he looks alongside KGE's Mindbridge photos, *sob* I could cry some more! I really hope we won't have too bad of a d
  13. I'm afraid I was unable to take your advice about binge reading. I.just.could.not.stop. I didn't go to sleep til about 4am last night and all of today, I could do nothing else but read Romancing Ms.Sunshine at every opportunity I had! I absolutely love how she wrote the story in accordance to TKEM and Mineun timeline, their IG posts. So talented! To be honest, I had refrained myself from reading any fanfics before. Secretly I said to myself, keep them for when I feel desperately missing our couple. It's worth the wait, now I feel like I'm on a sugar high LOL For any shippers on here who would
  14. Dear @masunni did u notice that ladylia had written more? I had only just checked out fanfics from her since your recommendation! Omg... It's killing me!!! I'm hyperventilating Now I'm reading Romancing Ms.Sunshine from chapter 1. I'm trying to read it slowly, savouring every word! @HR.You read any of her work? If not, I dare you to. Lol jk
  15. Looks like someone might have enjoyed their dinner very much!! And which king was she referring to??! https://www.instagram.com/p/CKjSTElpCeV/?igshid=1bimhsitrsa64 It's funny how they coincidently being so active on social media lately. Think they're bouncing so much energy off each other til they're giddy!
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