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  1. I looked a little at the cloud of the post, there was one small cloud that became the focus. Even though I don't know what it meant, the first post of the small cloud looked far away with the other clouds. Then it got closer and clearer. I thought it looked like a little elephant. Here I want to be honest, I'm actually not a fan of SHK or HB because I don't collect their photos. But I admire them especially shk. Can admirers say fans. I have watched WW many times but never got bored watching it again. SHK is a woman who is blessed by God because besides being beautiful and popular, she is also surrounded by friends who are loyal and love her. She's got fans who are polite, not tacky, and of course kind, like you guys here. I guess it's because she is such a nice woman. She is always loyal and sincere. People who sow goodness will also reap goodness too. May all of us always be blessed and in God's protection.
  2. Hi all, I am a new follower. So far I am only a follower who only reads. I really like you who are always cheerful, full of enthusiasm but still relaxed. The language you use is also good and most importantly you always think positively. I hope we can be friends.
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