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  1. This drama is slow paced and light hearted. The highlight of the show is the visuals, great looking actors and actresses. That's probably it. I am rather appalled by the lack of effort to disguise the FL into a male student. Her breasts are often pretty visible and her make up (lipstick and eye shadow) makes it too obvious that she is not a boy!!! The only plot that piqued my curiosity is the mysterious death of Lei Ao's brother. Other than that, there is hardly any tension nor chemistry amongst the ML and FL. Maybe it gets deeper later, but I am already a
  2. The actor playing HC is very handsome indeed. I only started not enjoying his visual when he became too despicable, funny how our perception of beauty changes with knowledge of another person’s morality. I guess it makes a bit more sense knowing that killing demons is not considered an evil act in heavenly realm. But doing it through any means seem a little despicable, which is how HC operate in his mind. So for HC he feels that he is protecting the 3 realms by being able to destroy/control all demons using God of War/XJ?
  3. I just finished episode 44. Just want to rant a bit about some plot holes. Spoilers ahead: Also, how can an emperor of Heaven be cunning and sly? I thought heavenly beings are supposed to be divine and have cultivated high moral standards? I can only hope that this gets explained later. Phew, feels better after ranting. Hah! Now let’s see what others have to say. Only in this lifetime the 10th is XJ like that, without 6 senses and HC is responsible for that. What I don’t understand is HC wants to make sure XJ returns to heaven so h
  4. Okay I should read the novel too then. Is there an English translated version?
  5. Point of discussion: do you think little silver flower, SF’s spirit animal is in love with SF or is it purely out of loyalty to her owner/master that she is always so protective of SF? and what makes you think so? If this is explicitly revealed later, I don’t mind spoilers. I feel that the snake pet has feelings for SF but uses the excuse of him being her master to cover up her true feelings. Cheng Yi reminds me of young Nicholas Tse.
  6. Very interesting take on HC character. I think this character is interesting and deep, deserving of deeper analysis. I don’t hate HC, I always feel he is coming from his own perspective and his way of doing things is through control and manipulations. Not that I agree with that style. Point is he is interesting because he is not 100% good nor evil. Complex character with personality flaws. There was one scene of HC internal dialogue when he said he removed her 6 senses. I am not too sure how it works in the novel because I didn’t read the book but purely from the drama that’s what he sa
  7. It makes perfect sense that SF is the way he is because his father is also loyal to the point of obsessive in his love life. SF inherits this trait from his father
  8. @dashmount20 The tattoo is a mark symbolizing the Lover’s Curse. It has 3 petals and each time SF is hurt by love, the curse activated and a petal will disappear. After 3 activations (being hurt by live 3x), SF will die from the curse, unless his true love can dispel the curse which XJ hasn’t able to do probably because her heart is made from glass. My understanding was that HC wanted to make sure XJ is not triggered by urges to kill (Strong emotions) in her last lifetime also her last trial. He wants to make sure she can pass the test and return to Heaven. The test is to make sure s
  9. Hi all, I’m a new user of Soompi forum although I have been reading comments for a while but this is my first time commenting after signing up for an account. Why? Because I can’t resist joining in the fun of ‘crazy’ fans anymore. I just finished watching the entire series of Under the Power. My mum started watching in 2019 but I didn’t want to wait and catch episode by episode. Also initially when I only watched a bit here and there with her, starting in the middle of the series, I was not impressed; I felt the ML and FL were not as great looking as other dramas have typ
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