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  1. I just wonder when will Kyo come back film project?? I miss her in drama so badly
  2. How long has Kyo been MIA? was she abducted by HB?? ( my delulu ^^)
  3. Thanks so much for your explanation #leek #marvellousgal29 It makes sense to keep family or daily life away from public, but avoid working on a project together is too much. Business is business, you have to work with your ex, your bf, your husband if your job asking.... however, I guess I'm thinking abit differently about this "principle that separates work and personal life". If "making money in relationships" is abuse, what about playing the role of enemies? Binkyo in two opposing factions? a collaborative action without any romantic at all??? If that happened I swear I would die har
  4. hello everyone, I've been here watching for a while cuz this ship is so interesting and I don't like crowd ship either. I intended keep watching quietly but I can't help my curious about why Binkyo have a such principle like that???. Why they can't work together while they r in relationship?? Thanks all.
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