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  1. May I ask why news about Rae Won is so rare ??? Is he not as active as he used to be or is he more private now? Thank you.
  2. Thanks for letting me know about Soom pong Clinic. I watched it a bit and really enjoyed it KRW & SHK was too young at that time, I wish they could match up again on the Glory project since both now were masters of acting. I don't know exactly what it is but KRW somehow makes me yearn for SHK
  3. Kim Ji Hoon in Flower of Evil is also a good candidate. Wow, just realized there are so many ML choices for Glody
  4. Kim Jae Wook is master of this kind of role I recommend but my delusion also about Ji Chang Wook lol
  5. im so excited and curious about what kind of character she will play.. a rebell lady???
  6. I would like to thanks this group cuz through this group I found a Queen. The one who is beautiful, humble, elegant and strong. She is the Queen indeed. Long live the Queen Kyo!!
  7. folks, if you guys are going to move another thread, plz give me a shout. I also wanna keep in touch with Kyonastics
  8. Till this morning, I still keep the habit checking this thread. Weird!! I feel no sad much about BinKyo, what I really sad is the fearness no longer share thoughts with these awesome Binkyonas in this thread. hey chingu, Happy New Year to all and Wish we can keep chatting here or somewhere else about Kdrama in future
  9. Kyo such a strong woman in my point if the news is true. I more admire her than ever
  10. @marvellousgal29 Binnie would play as a villain and chase Kyo as a victim? and.. and then he would seduce her and they both would fall in love just like Joker and Harley quinn???? Ha ha I can not stop my delution about these stories
  11. @Niña Michaela Madredijo just wondering if my post was off topic, so what are we talking about here in this thread is not about Binkyo???
  12. Any chances Kyo will have a rom com with Hyun Bin in 2021? would the rom com be a great excuse for BinKyo to reunite in public? don't know why but I can't stop thinking that it would be the plan.. don't ya think so???
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