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  1. I’m still stuck on this drama. Can’t move on from it. Am I really a 45 year old woman fangirling over a 30 year old dude from China?? Also... And if the lize palace were all men
  2. The interaction was very cold. They didn’t even acknowledge each other or even cordial to each other. It was very odd and clearly showed tension. I think they shouldn’t have to be lovey dovey but there should be some semblance of professionalism. He didn’t even listen when she was talking. It was very rude. I think there were some tension with CY and the crew. In the interview they did together, he didn’t answer the question about how they collaborated. I haven’t finished the drama. Waiting on the eng sub but is LHJD’s soul just possessing XJ’s body? Are they really 2 different
  3. Did HC remove her 6 senses? I thought she lost her 6 senses because in the first episode she fell into the river of forgetfulness when the demons attacked.
  4. Why did XJ put a dot of blood on SF’s eye in each prior life? What’s the meaning of that?
  5. He’s a handsome man! I can look at him every day. Lol would love to see him as a ML. Those dimples!
  6. hi! I signed up for an account just so I can discuss this drama. I’m so obsessed with it. Just when I was about to give up on C dramas altogether and focus on my netflix list. It’s only up to episodes 29 on the English sub and I want more! I need to stop the binge before I run out of episodes. Watched 20-24 last night and my heart hurts for SF. He’s ruined all my relationships because the bar is so high. To have that kind of love in a lifetime...
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