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  1. Just going to shout this out to whoever is listening …this is off to a really strong start and I feel like it should be getting more attention!
  2. Something that might help us deal with our frustration with XY is that, regardless of the level of reality of the story, he’s still the one telling it. In other words, he might be something of an unreliable narrator and be projecting his guilt and remorse back over his telling of the story, exaggerating his own faults. I know, too, that when I was most upset with XY, it was, as @BreezeC said, because his love wasn’t catching up to CY‘a all-encompassing love. And yet at the end, not only is his love for her all-encompassing, it’s the only thing he has left (again, regardless of what i
  3. Thanks so much for your analysis, which has made me more reconciled to this fiasco than anything else so far. It let me see that what I really want to hold on to is the love between them—after all that was what kept me going even in the drama’s dull or angsty moments. Of course, the epilogue may yet let us down, but you’ve helped me see some happier possibilities.
  4. So add my thanks to all of you providing summaries and explanations and translations! I have been lurking until the last week but I’m glad I joined because apparently I’m going to need a support group! I’m really not happy with Mango TV. I could swallow with some reluctance the whole epilogue thing, but l don’t at all appreciate the attempt on the part of the channel to make us question reality versus fairy tale. I feel like all I had invested in this story has been not just disappointed but somehow taken from me, and I don’t know if even a perfect epilogue is going to restore that
  5. Attempted translation of preview for 33 (feel free to offer corrections, anybody):
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