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  1. 2 hours ago, Minnieee33 said:

    Pretty sure they didn't film that part. 

    Most likely censorship, XJ said she will tie him up and do whatever she wants with him hahhaa

    Sigh, it's a shame but we've to respect China's values. Though I've seen more steamy make out scenes in other Chinese shows before..... Wondering if the censor board is measuring with different yard sticks for costume dramas.... 

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  2. 48 minutes ago, BreezeC said:

    Episode 33 Thoughts

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    - Too many NX and NW’s scenes, it is too late and kind of pointless at this time (2 episodes away from the finale and I don’t really care about them at all)

    - I love XC in this episode. When he found the divorce paper, I was literally shouting “Please don’t take it away!” I was hoping once CY got her sight back she will read it herself but XC surprised me by not only not hiding the paper but he actually told CY that XY and NX are divorced!!! XC, you are the best!!!

    - Firework kiss – I love how they are staring at each other after the misunderstanding is gone and when they sealed their commitment to each other with the second kiss…with XY’s tear running down his face at that exact moment - That was so beautifully captured…:fullofhearts:

    - Poor XC, I think he finally realized that he will never express his love for CY and it will be hidden forever while continuing to protect her, just like XM

    :Cornykiss: He deserves a sweet girl…


    Episode 34 Thoughts

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    - Why kill off TY? Her death is pointless except for finally being with XM. They look good together but TY, I want to continue seeing you and CY giggling and hugging like two cute dolls…:bawling:

    The ending of this episode is pretty off – XY just got stab and he dropped his sword and fell down??? He learned of his brother’s death, and threw up blood and fainted???


    Episode 35 Thoughts

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    - I gave up on rationalizing some of the plot holes lol especially everything that happened in the hidden lair of the evil dude

    - Two of the best scenes so far are -

    1) When XY won’t leave CY as she turned into a tiger, she wants to pound on him and he end up spinning her beautifully around (all their spins are so beautifully done – bet ZYC can save some weight lifting lol) Then CY was worried about hurting XY since tiger are vicious, she said her teeth will tear his guts out – and then that smile on XY face (God, I melt right then and there!!!) He found her to be so cute like a kitten and then she started biting him – argh, adorable – I bet this time he finally got turned on and managed to complete the ‘deed’ with no problem lol But why is it always CY initiating it… Not sure did you all notice the detail here but I noticed that XY released CY’s arms before kissing her lips – I think he is waiting to see if she will struggle or lose her conscious again and pound on him again but she didn’t and smiled back at him which means to him that she is conscious before he started kissing her again and then their palms met….for him to proceed hehehe

    2) The next scene in their white robes, they felt so comfortable and natural together but also intimate… love it when he tease her for being shy after last night and tickle her ear… Then the atmosphere changed as XY asked the question will she be asleep forever after the twelfth transformation – I can see in XY’s expression that he is scare of the answer and then was extremely sad as CY confirmed it and finally forcing himself to appear to be accepting of their short time together – All this time, tears keep coming out of his eyes silently and even when they kissed I can see a tear dropping down his chin – God, that was one of the most beautiful and nature scene but also sooooooo heart wrenching…ZYC's acting here had some many layers :tears:


    I need to stop here and take a break before proceeding to the confusing ending lol But seriously I may be weird but I love seeing ZYC's crying silently...it is just sooooo sad but beautifully done... (I felt the same way in Let's shake it S2 and Love of thousand year) One of my top actor who touched my heart with his tear...:wub:

    Thanks for sharing. You described it so beautifully and I fully agree with you. I managed to watch the previous episodes w/o dropping a tear but the moment XY asked when they were in their white robes hit me in the heart like a dagger. His micro expressions and CY's response was so heartbreaking I can still feel the emotions when reading your views. They are both indeed wonderful actors. 


    And also the detail about him releasing her hands for a bit, seeking affirmation before proceeding with the actual deed, totally slipped me but it makes it even more beautiful, as I was wondering why of all occasions, the writers choose for them to consummate when she is transforming and probably won't remember her first time the next day.... 

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  3. I've been visiting this forum for a while now to quietly read but this drama really compelled me to create an account. And I'm still new to posting comments so I don't know how you all tag each other. Hahaha 


    Just wanted to say that I love ALL his outfits (incl the wedding attires) it's like it's tailored made, the embroidery and it even looks nice in action scenes when he turns. I also like CY's outfits so flowy and light. NX's outfits and hair deco are also very nice. 


    Agree with most of you that it's the combi of ZYC and HYX that makes this drama super addictive and adorable. I saw ZYC's previous dramas before, incl Love of Thousand Years with Zhou Lusi (who is also a cute actress) and I was by far not this crazy where I can just repeatedly watch past episodes without getting bored. The chemistry ZYC and HYX have is just magic and super attractive. 


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  4. 3 hours ago, Montato91 said:

    Oww:heart2beat: Thanks for sharing. It's a very long wait till Thursday. Short clips like this helps to tide over. 

    12 minutes ago, suzy0604 said:


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    I think XC will be the next emperor that will decree marriage between his sister and XY. 


    I wish XC and TY all the very best, they deserve their own happiness too.


    While waiting for new episodes, I was rewatching a few episodes, although there might be some plot holes, I realize how natural the flow of their relationship or feelings are. If I recall correctly they never really said I love you to one another (yet), but they both realize the unspoken attraction between them, next thing you know, they started to long for each other, wanting, needing and sacrificing for the other.


    I dare to say, our general (like his brother) fell in love at first sight with CY, the moment he open CY wedding veil when she was sleeping (although he was still in the process of denying and suspecting CY as a spy at that time).

    You think so? I was also rewatching the episodes and analysing when he exactly fell in love with her hahaha. I guess it was a gradual process. The look on his face when he unveiled her during wedding night seemed that he was pleased with her looks but I think he wasn't "in love" yet. Then he realised her feisty and cute personality few days after the wedding when she blew in his face and pushed him away when he threatened to bed her (he probably found her amusing then). Then the arrow shooting scene in the army camp where she cried and he took her on a horse ride. She shared that she was protecting her savior etc. Think this is the point where he started to feel in love with her as he realised how kind hearted and understanding she is. This is evidence by him collecting her from XC's place and the dungeon scene (although the setting was harsh but he couldn't bear to torture her). The scene where she was supposed to fetch the aunt and while climbing up the wagon she put on the head and turned around to smile at him (BTW I love this scene. She is so sweet and the music is perfect). I think this was really the point where he irrevocably fell in love with her. Cause after she left he was kind of listless. Hahaha 



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